Athena can roll from back to front now. I saw this in action at the diaper changing station. She didn’t roll off because I was there to catch her. She repeated it later in bed so it’s official! Hurray!

Morella slept in another spot other than her bed for the first time this morning (not including wee baby days). Early this morning Tim heard strange thumping emitting from Morella’s room. He went to investigate and found a sleep walking Morella crying because she ran into her gymboree like green chair. She was upset afterward and wanted him to stay in her room and hold her hand while she slept. In a desperate move to get more sleep, he took her to the office and laid down on the futon. If you can believe, she fell asleep until morning. The key was to let her lay down (on her tummy) with no covers AND hold her hand.

She doesn’t want covers and hasn’t wanted them since the great fever of ’10. Personally, I think she is nuts because it’s cold in this house! Well, not as cold as BIL Mark’s which was kept at a frosty 65. Dude, those four degrees make a huge difference in the comfort level of a home. I was glad to get home to my extra four degrees (which I get because of the kids and especially since Athena is a baby still).

I hosted a play group this morning. Morella helped me make brownies for it after I cleaned up the kitchen, bathroom and living room all in record time. It was a good play date and afterward I was happy for the peace and quiet and tuckered out kids that took long afternoon naps that afforded me an hour and half of peace to write and chat with a friend online.

After the naps were done I took and ill fated trip to the grocery store where Morella howled no less than 4 separate times about various injustices such as: not watching Yo Gabba Gabba, I lost her soda drink somewhere between the house and the store, the the mini shopping cart, people being in the store, wanting to eat right away, and wanting to eat an apple she picked out (after we already had taken a break to sit down and eat something). Normally I would just give it to her, but since it was produced it needed to be weighed first. I also ran into an old roommate during one of the fits, thankfully Athena strapped to my chest was in good spirits and was probably cute. It kind of sucked, but we really needed to get her more milk and bread.

Lastly, it’s Pluto’s birthday today. He is 10. He got a McDonald’s plain hamburger. We lit a candle and sang happy birthday and when it came to blowing out the candle, Morella ran away in fear shouting “Hot hot!”

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