I found the snippet in Elle’s January issue:

Develop the Gratitude Attitude
Listing three things that you’re grateful for or three events that have gone well over the past week can significantly increase your level of happiness for about a month, make you more optimistic, and improve your physical health.

There we have it.

AG Day 2:

–Getting tagged in Homemaker’s “Musings from the Big Pink” (a very funny blog telling the story of child raising from a SAHD’s perspective) for the “10 Things” meme. It’s good to feel included. :)

–District 9 [I love a good science fiction tale, and this one will keep my noggin thinking for days]

–Dance parties with Morella and Athena

Today was a pretty good day. We all slept in until 7:00 (thanks Neener, we have a new early riser). Morella had gotten up at 4:00 with ridiculous demands which Tim almost feel for because he was tired. But when he went to use the bathroom, I went in there and laid down the law. She stayed in her bed. Tim went to his own bed, Neener’s went into her cosleeper and all were happy.

I bundled up Athena and went to a financial meeting at our credit union with an adviser. I have been wondering if we should be doing something with a portion of our savings, or if there are any glaring financial opportunities that we aren’t taking advantage of, so I agreed to a meeting. After all, it’s free and Tim was around to wrangle Morella. Turns out there is nothing more to be done than what we are doing and to check in a few years when interest rates are different and we have more defined goals. Well that was good to know.

Afterward I picked up Tim and Morella at the local park (they were the only ones there playing in the snow), broke car by going to fast in a huge divot, made worse by ice, and went to go buy a Wii Fit Plus. Our scale is now broken thanks to a 22 1/2 pound toddler jumping on it to watch the numbers bounce. Either that, or I gained 20 pounds over the week. So yeah, a quick trip to the store and we would spend the evening playing around with it after the kids went to bed.

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yeah. I don’t know what we were thinking. You know, I guess I thought that the demand was greatly reduced and that stores would actually have them, especially since hey had reduced the price. However, Shopko, Target and Best Buy did not have any, and we were told there were none in the great state of Wisconsin. Not only that they but don’t believe in wait lists (neither does online) and that the magic delivery truck tells no one it’s schedule. We came home and looked online and found several places willing to sell you one with a $30-50 markup. It’s a matter of principle — we will not pay more than the orginal price.

So, I am going to be adding a new section to this every day blogging. It’s called “Who will have the Wii Fit Plus first?” Every morning as a part of my morning routine, I will call each of these three establishments to inquire whether or not any were delivered overnight. Target had said that their last shipment was three weeks ago so I feel like one might be due. Then again, I was the 11th person by noon to ask about it – so even with great demand, apparently Nintendo and Target aren’t in any actual hurry to sell any machines.

Okay, I’ll think of 10 Things the average Joe probably doesn’t know about me for tomorrow.

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  1. Sara

    You can set your account up to get an alert from Amazon 5 minutes before they stock them, I believe. This is how we got ours.

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