This weekend was good. We stayed home the entire weekend and it was nice. Friday I wrote some and watched TV, and Jaime called. It was weird, we ended up talking for about an hour. She’s sick and in the third stage of chronic stress syndrome. Never got over what happened in Madison, she said and is working on getting better. It struck me after we talked and I had time to think about it. She was reconciling with me. After all these years, this talk (the one I dreaded) was actually the one I had wanted most. The one talk where she told me in so many words, that I *hadn’t* done anything wrong, that it was just her (why our relationship fell apart). It is comforting to know…finally. It makes me think about what happened with my other friend. I hope she is doing well.

Saturday got up, watched a movie and putzed. Took out the air conditioner, which was just in the nick of time because it snowed later that night. Went out and bought some more fish for the tanks (some gold fin danios, and an albino cory) and got the special edition Lord of the Rings. We were going to watch it, but Harry Potter was on and decided to watch that. Wrote a lot, got five thousands words in, and then watched Misery. The only movie I can think of that is MUCH better than the book ever was.

Sunday got up around 9.30 because the cats were a pain in the ass. Made some tea and breakfast and then watched a weird movie on HBO (still don’t know what the hell it was about). Wrote in my journal, and scanned in all my House on the Rock stuff and rendered it. Now all I have to do is write the story and plug in the pictures. It should be done this week, the pictures are great! Consequently, since I did a lot of scanning and stuff, I didn’t have time to write. I will work on it this week. Also cleaned the house because Paul and his daughter Bea were going to visit, after three I called and it turns out…not. I wondered what happened, probably just got busy. Cleaning the house was still good because Jim is visiting next week, and I don’t want to have to clean the entire house on a weekday. Now it will just be a matter of light cleaning. Tim even scrubbed the kitchen floor and did four loads of laundry.

Weird, Ben just told me that he didn’t get the Christmas email invite. If any one else did not get it PLEASE tell me so I can give it to you.

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