Wii Fit Quest Day #3:

Costco (thanks for the suggestion!) – “Sold out.”
Walmart Supercenter: “No, we didn’t any in.”
Best Buy: “We don’t, I’m sorry.”
Target Sunprairie: “No, unfortunately we don’t have any of those in stock.”
Shopko: I asked “Electronics please,”
“Is this for getting a wii?”
“Yes” I replied.
“Sorry, we don’t have any.”

AG Day 4:

–Tim running out to get dinner because the one I was making (hamburger hotdish) was going to be too late (he got Arby’s. Morella didn’t eat the roast beef because she said it smelled like “Bart” aka fart, but she did eat the broccoli I made her and Athena). Now we have dinner for tomorrow too, and lunch.

–I know how to read.
-I know how to write.

Those last two are two skills I consider to be two of my most valuable possessions.

Anyway. I bundled up the kids and hauled them up to the Capitol for Winterfest this morning. Tim stayed home to do some laundry, pick up and look through old receipts and reliving our pacific northwest vacation. I get there, park in the public ramp, haul out the double stroller, pack in Morella, scoop out Athena from the carseat and then realize I forgot her snowsuit. :(

I bundled her up in blankets and headed out anyway. At the same time was another couple with children almost the same age as Morella and Athena. In fact, their little boy was quite interested in getting into the double stroller with Athena because his mother said they had one very similar. I mentioned to them that I heard that this event sucked, but I had hoped it wasn’t the case. We chatted a bit and then headed off…to a great big pile of suck.

There were five midget ice sculptures, three snow sculptures and the “fun kids snow sculpting area” made the snow banks alongside our driveway look like the Rocky Mountains. There were about five kids scrambling around that sorry little pile of slush that just made my heart cry. Here you can see the two little piles in the background.

I shouldered on. On the road around the square was a bunch of trucked in snow that was made into obstacles, and various ski type things. There was a Scion dealer giving out cheap sunglasses, hand warmers and some kind of head thing I have yet to check out, and a turbo tubing “hill”. Judge for yourselves.

To be fair, Morella might have enjoyed going down this little bunny hop, but there was no way I could ditch Athena in her throne of blankets to haul Morella up there for a little ride down. Since it was the only thing that was worth doing for kids there was a line. I finished walking around the square and texted Tim about the lameness of it all and decided to just go home. I would say that the girls agreed…

I ran into the parking lot couple who decided to call it quits as well. We chatted up to the car, wished each other well and started to pack up the kids. I kept thinking “ask them if they want to playdate…do it…do it…” and so I did. We’ll see how it goes. It would be great for Athena to have a kid her age to play with later on. Plus, you know it’s nice to meet new people. I go through phases were I make a big effort to expand my base of friends every other year — I guess I am in one of those phases right now.

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