I think I am fighting something off. My eyes feel like I’ve pulled an all nighter — all day. They felt a little better after my massive 2 1/2 hour nap that I took with the girls this afternoon, but it’s back now. I am also really tired…a bummer because ….

WII Fit Plus Quest #5

Shopko – Sorry Sir, we don’t, (You suck!)
Walmart Supercenter – We do not Ma’am. (thank you!)
Target East and Sunprairie – Unfortunately we do not. (almost verbatim)
Best Buy – We don’t have the Wii fit, but we did get a bunch of Wii’s in today and the fit follows pretty closely.


I call Tim “Hey tim they have a bunch of Wii’s and say that it might come soon.
Tim replies “Maybe we should get the Wii while they have it.”
“What?” I ask “You mean the Wii Fit Plus doesn’t come with a Wii?”
“Uh no,” he answered. “It only comes with the game and board.”
“I thought a $100 bucks was kind of cheap for that!” I said. “Well, I should go and get a Wii since everyone seems to be out of that too.”
“Okay,” he said.

So, my friends. We have a Wii now. I went over to Sigrid’s to borrow Boomblocks this evening while Tim set it up.


–Matt’s Meatloaf brownies
–Kathleen’s butterscotch oatmeal cookies

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  1. Homemaker Man

    Good luck with the wii. I have the regular wii fit but I was only able to stick with it for about 2 months. The Peanut loves to eat at Target too. Something about that place makes'em hungry . . .

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