Wii Fit Quest Day 6 — Success via the Sun Prairie Target. I had called right after story time and she said she had several, but that they have a no hold policy. I quickly got everyone ready and headed over. I haven’t been to this one before so it was a pleasant surprise to enter a clean, large, everything in it’s place Target (our current target is undergoing changes). While I was getting the kids into the car Morella kept saying “Eat? Store eat? Weh Weh eat?” And she would nod. Weh weh is the best way I can think of how to spell how she says her name. I said sure, because thankfully Target’s have Starbucks and a cafe. :D

I got there and got me Wii Fit Plus! I noticed though that they had no Wii’s, so it’s a good thing I got mine yesterday at Best Buy. There were two after mine and as I checked out I mentioned that I had been calling every day. The check out clerk said he believed it and if people knew they had them now they would be out in minutes. Well, I am pretty sure they are out now because I know I was not the only one calling every day.

Anyway, so that is complete. It was much quicker than Tim though it would take. Since I was the one doing the calling I felt it was plenty long enough.

Attitude of Gratitude Day 6:

–Having lunch at Target with an adorable little girl dressed in red, charming the pants off the other Mom’s son (Justin, age 3 almost four in one month and is going to have a Clone party, he informed me). Athena was of course adorable.

–Athena sitting in and actually enjoying be carried forward facing in the Ergo carrier. That thing cost enough! Also, it was more comfortable to wear her that way and she felt way more stable. I should practice with her in it more often to get her ready for the spring and summer.

–The two hours I had to cuddle and play with Athena in bed while Morella was sleeping, and fat flakes of snow fell outside.

Okay, gonna play a little more Wii — it’s new so it’s fun.

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