Sixteen days until this blog moves. I hope Tim can do it. I just reminded him of it now, even though I had given him a month and half of warning. I hope it’s painless.

I have a headache. I have had it all day and pain killers have only made it background noise instead of eliminating it altogether. I feel like I might be coming down with something, or maybe fighting something off? Hm. This past weekend we went to Tim’s parent’s house. Morella was super excited to spend time with her grandparents and was looking forward to it all weekend. An extra bonus was that Tim’s sister Sarah and her family was there so Morella got to play with her cousins all weekend. The drawback to that is that they were potential plague bearers…am I coming down with something? Time will tell I suppose.

Saturday morning I went downstairs to hear Tim and his Mom talking about me going to Appleton. I told them I had already looked into it and it was too long of a drive from Manitowoc and impratical. Tim told me that he would just borrow his Mom’s car and I could take our car and go visit my friend Sarah. I borrowed MIL’s GPS system and within two hours, Neeners and I were on our way for a Mommy and Baby adventure. I stopped in Stockbridge first for coffee, a snack, and a little post card writing while Athena played on a rug with some toys in front of a fireplace. Heaven!

After that I met up with Sarah, had a nice chat while Nick took his morning nap and Ruth flitted about doing typical toddler stuff (snack, dancing, TV, playing with the baby, crying) — really it’s amazing the range of emotions that young children go through in the span of an hour. Inwardly, I was glad to let someone else experience Morella’s range for a morning, while I got to spend quality time with Neeners. Afterwards we headed to Neenah to have lunch at The Mom and Pop Place, which was completley not what I expected. It was better than expectations and made me wonder why Madison doesn’t have such a place…in fact it made me wonder enough to see if it would be worth filling that niche.

Truth be told, I have often thought of opening a business, but I could never really figure out “what” to sell. Now I have a pretty good idea, but even entertaining the idea and researching it fills me a ton of emotions. I wish I could talk to someone who started their own business, and more importantly, talk to someone who did it with young children. Meanwhile, I guess I will keep working on letting the idea float around in my head. I kind of wish I knew someone who would be interested in exploring this option with me. Anyway. That is what I am currently consumed by.

After lunch, we went back to Sarah’s for a leisurely afternoon of quiet time before I headed back to the in laws for dinner. Athena howled for a bit before bedtime (I blame the mexican hot chocolate — and it’s dairy content) but once down stayed that way all night. The sucky thing about that was that I ended up going to bed at 8:30. I didn’t mean to, it just happened and when I woke up at 10:30 I found that everyone else had gone to bed too! I got a drink of water, took out my contacts, peeked into to see that Morella and Tim were sharing a bed for the moment (she switched back and forth from her toddler bed to the guest bed five times throughout the night) and then went back to bed myself.

Sunday we went to church, had a nice lunch with the gang and then went home. The girls for the most part slept the entire way and I had a brownie.

I am going to try and not eat any real sweets for two weeks. I probably ruined it today by having two sweet and salty granola bars and a small handful of chocolate covered raisins. I didn’t even realize what I had done until the end of the day. I think I am addicted! We’ll do better tomorrow.

Other tidbits from today.

—I thought of this one while nursing — stone babies or lithopedion — they are just so… tragic and weird and … sad. As soon as I got Athena down I went online to read more about them.

–We were watching Max and Ruby. Max was playing with his shadow by the fence when his neighbor looked up and over and said “Hello Max, are you playing with your shadow?”

Tim added “Says the creepy perv”
Morella then points to the TV and says “Da Da!”
I then started laughing for a good ten minutes.

—Athena woke up from her afternoon nap first and sat next to me and played for about a 40 minutes before becoming bored. I think this is the first time I actively noticed her being bored and wanting a different change of scene. Luckily by then, Morella was up. My baby’s brain is getting big!

–Athena said her first word today. “Da da!” Can they talk at 6 1/2 months? Can you have a first word then or is this a complete accident? Morella didn’t say anything understandable for a long time. Athena has also had a language explosion and has been constant-ing all over the place.

–Speaking of language explosion, Morella is now onto three or four word sentences. This is just astounding considering that three months ago she barely talked at all. Okay fine, she probably talked but nothing like this. Now we have real communication. Now we have “This is Weh Weh’s doll.” and “This is mine.” Though, sometimes she says it like “This is …. mine.” You can just hear the thought process in action. My other favorite is, “What’s that …. sound?”

– We have to watch our mouth though. I realized today I missed the March 1st deadline for discounted CSA for the new place we want to try and said “Oh Shit” out loud. From the bedroom getting her a diaper change repeated Morella “Oh shit.” Thankfully it didn’t seem to keep and was changed to “Oh Toots!” which Tim and I have now been saying with gusto.

Oh these kids, I love them so. But if I start a business will I damage them? How will they feel about spending a lot of time in place other than home? Where will they nap? I guess I could put a bed in the office area (if there is one)? Is having them at work with me doable? What would I do if they were sick? See, all of these questions make me feel like there must be a partner or someone else involved.

Ugh I am tired. I think this cold is kicking it up a notch. I hope I don’t get sick. Maybe if I go to bed at a decent hour, it will be gone by tomorrow. I did get a nap in today too, even it was only an hour.

oh yeah and AG … uh… I’ll work on it. Here are three more:

–I am grateful for eye sight technology and that I can see with my horrible vision with the aid of glasses and contacts.
–I am grateful that I can walk, dance, move, ride bike, carry my kids, etc thanks to the four inch steel plate in my back (though I wasn’t so grateful for that when I was in labor with Athena and denied an epidural).
–I am grateful for my vaccinations.

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  1. Lindsey

    oh, the start your own business itch! You too? And it makes my head spin, too. I go reeling back and forth about it. I almost did my own thing (with two partner moms of young children) before Eve was born, but the time committment was too much. I've decided to wait until they get to be school age before making any big leaps like that. I hope you find your right path. It can be a tough decision.Sounds like Athena is right on track with making sounds! That's great! She will probably talk earlier than Morella, I'm guessing.They all have their own perfect little timeline

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