Welcome to WordPress

Well Tim managed to do. We are here. I feel a teeny bit nostalgic for Blogger, seeing as we go way back … but as they said ‘It’s not us, it’s you.”   And you know being the .5% that used ftp. :P    Anyway.  We are not sure how to get people to update their feed….hm. I hope that you can find me in my new and improved location. I’ll be working on the page in the upcoming weeks, however I don’t that really affects those of you that use the feed.  I know I never know when someone makes a change on their webpage unless I actually go to the webpage. Which does and can happen, just not that often.  I am excited about the possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to WordPress

  1. hadjare Post author

    Thanks, I am already liking the ability to reply without doing much work. I am glad that Tim was able to figure out for me. :D He should go into business moving peoples blogs. Ha ha. I’m sure he would hate it.

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