A Respite from Sick Kids

I feel traumatized.  I got Athena a nuby sippy cup (her second actually, the first was accidentally left at her grandparents last weekend).  She seems to be able to drink out of it, and shows interest to do so. I thought I would give her a treat and thawed one of the two breastmilk containers I had frozen to practice on.  She had three sips but wasn’t showing the enthusiasm she had before…so I tasted it and nearly threw up. It was so bitter and disgusting.  I ran to the sink to spit it and rinse my mouth. My poor baby!! How could such a mean mother as myself make her drink THREE sips of that crap?! My god. Now I know what they mean by lipase. That is awful, awful stuff.  :(

The kids have been sick since Wednesday night. Each day we think that was the worst of it, and then the next day comes.  How long can this last?  Ugh, don’t answer that.  I was pretty depressed about it this weekend. Being cooped up in side all week and then the weekend with two inconsolable, stuffed up, coughing bundles of ill. Tim was pretty mellow about the whole thing and even managed to do progress on deep cleaning the house and moving my blog over to wordpress.  He even made a crab and cheddar biscuit dinner on Saturday night!  What an awesome husband.

Wait I think they might both be napping right now…holy cow.

—hours later —

I got them to sleep while the mother’s helper was here. I went to Walgreens to buy some makeup and infant motrin, but they were out … then to the neighborhood drive through coffee joint for a decaf soy mocha to drink while I grocery shopped. We really needed to do that for awhile and it showed to the tune of $168!! I think my record high is 198$.   But you know I had to get things like coffee, olive oil, infant motrin (that right there is $20) as well as stock up on canned items.  I put my new make up on in the car before going in and I look awesome! It’s that mabeline age eraser/rewind liquid foundation. There was a sample of it in the last Redbook so I was able to find my perfect shade (a problem that has prevented me from buying any before) and it doesn’t feel cakey at all..it’s so light I can’t even tell I have it on.  I think this is going to be the first foundation I will ever wear.  It’s these two kids under 3 that starting to age me…either that or you know the fact that I am 34. :P

Plus I need the little things to help me feel like I am doing things for *me*.

Have I mentioned that I am on a two week “sweetatorium”?  I made that word up.  It means I am not eating sweets for two weeks. I wanted to see if I could do it. I did have a small piece of birthday cake on Saturday, but that was it. It was a special occasion and I had ONE piece. I brought some back to the sickies and was super proud that I did not even sample Morella’s as it laid there on the coffee table all afternoon.  It’s hard though. I didn’t realize how much I stress eat sweets until this week, and just how addicted I am.   ON the other hand it’s hard to do the things they suggest “Take a walk for you” instead or “Indulge in a hot shower or long steamy bath.”  Or “Mediate for 10 minutes” or “write in your journal until you fill four pages.”

I would fucking LOVE to do any of those suggestions and if I did have the time to do them, I probably wouldn’t be stressed.  It’s the two, very needy sick kids thing.

But really, I feel much better now having left the house for two hours to do something as mundane as grocery shop.  I mean it. I feel like a new woman.  It also helps that I have been back now for 20 minutes and am able to write this post while the groceries sit in the living room and children still slumber. They both needed a long nap something fierce.

Pluto however is not doing well.  Tim thought about taking him to the emergency vet yesterday and called. They said that if he has a temp between 100 -102, has wet pink gums and isn’t labored panting then to try and hold off until our appointment on Tuesday.  His biggest symptom right now is that he can’t pee or poop very well, particularly pee. The last three days he will go outside and strain for up to 30 minutes just getting out little squirts.  Then he will pant and want to go out again shortly thereafter. When he isn’t trying to pee, he is sleeping. He isn’t eating or drinking well. He has very little walking endurance and seems kind of depressed.  At first we thought it was all neglect from the new baby being around, it being winter and hassle to take him for a walk, etc. But this is just too fast and too serious.  We called again today to see if we could get an earlier appointment then Tuesday but the best they could do was bump it up 5 hours.  Tim will take him in tomorrow and we’ll know more then.   Poor Pluto. The average life expectancy for greyhounds is between 10-14. I always thought he would make it to 12, he only just turned 10 at the end of February. Pluto has been a part of our Madison life since we moved here. We got him one month after we bought the house and moved in.  The thought of no Pluto warming the couch is a sad thought.

Kids are still sleeping. What else?

Oh  I can quick download Athena’s 7 month picture and work on that.

5 thoughts on “A Respite from Sick Kids

  1. Sarah

    I think the lipase problem is more widespread than lactation consultants realize. Just…not a lot of moms are inclined to sniff or taste their own breast milk, or they don’t realize that the musty or metallic taste of the cooled milk is abnormal. I was telling the LC after Nick’s birth about the lipase issue and what I do about it, and she was saying she’d just heard about the problem recently.

    I just hate how it adds an extra 5-10 minutes to a pumping session, because I need to watch carefully while I scald the stuff on the stove — and then there’s an extra pan to wash, and an extra bottle (because I don’t want to pour the scalded milk back into the pumping bottle, which has traces of unscalded milk in it). Hassle! But it does make a difference.

    Glad you found a foundation you like. It can be a lifelong quest! I think I’ve finally settled on Cover Girl Tru Blend whipped foundation, which slides on really easily, blends right into my skin, feels weightless, and stays in place for at least a few hours.

    I hope the kids feel better soon. We all keep cycling through whatever illnesses are passing through town. Ruth is on cold #4…or #5 this year. Between storytimes, Sunday school, and the mall playland, there is just No Escape. Frotunately cold and flu season should be over soon.


  2. Tumbleweed

    Hey, I just found you. I think the March doldrums are doing a number on my household, too. I keep telling myself that spring will bring better things. BTW, I totally get the “old” thing — 37 with 2 babies under 3; I’m exhausted.

    The sour frozen breast milk first happened to HM with the peanut on my first day back to work. She was 7 months, and wouldn’t take a bottle all day; she just screamed. We didn’t know about lipase then, so he had no idea what the problem was. A heads’ up from one of the 11 BF specialists we saw would have been nice!

  3. hadjare Post author

    I hope it wasn’t too hard to find me again. This whole moving everything over went as smoothly as we knew how, but that isn’t to say that it was as smooth as silk. In the end it was done — thank god. I have been putting that off for years. Spring WILL bring better things, but you know, a part of me almost feels that March is worse that February because people keep talking about this myth called spring, and yet….it’s not here. There is still snow on the ground. There will probably be MORE snow before the year is out. So what did you do about frozen BM after that? With Morella I periodicially tested her milk to make sure it was okay and it was. It’s so weird that it can change over the course of time. I also didn’t use that much frozen with Morella because I was able to pump more than enough for the week — to the point where I just started eventually to dump the excess instead of going through the hassle of freezing it.

  4. hadjare Post author

    Sarah – I didn’t have the problem with Morella’s milk and I tested that every once in awhile. It’s so weird that it can happen over time. Sigh. But you know, I also didn’t give Morella frozen milk very often. I pumped so much fresh stuff that I never needed to dig into the frozen stash. That was really for only one week while we were in Baton Rouge. I kept freezing it because of the fear of a diminished milk supply and you know the hope that she would drink the best until she was 18 months after I stopped at a year. Then I realized that she was intolerant to dairy and that switching her to soy milk was the best of everything and then we dumped it all down the drain anyway. Sorry that was a tangent. I think I am just going to pump extra and save that, and then dump it after week. I don’t feel like freezing crap anymore. It seems like the freezing process makes the lipase more apparent. Would you agree with that? or did you have issues with the milk if it was just expressed and in the fridge for a day or two? I can’t believe that the LC would have just heard about the problem. I mean, I knew about the problem before I even had a baby — that the problem existed. I am starting to feel like LC’s are akin to internet ministers. Anyone can become one.

    And I can’t wait until this cold stuff is over. Morella is just as crabby today and the cough has settled into Athena. To be fair I think Morella is teething her bottom left molar, she is drooling a lot and complained of sensitivity when I touched it while feeling around.

  5. Homemaker Man

    Hey, like the new place. I will tell tumbleweed you moved. We had a lipase situation on with the Peanut. I was the one dealing with it as it was on the first day tumbleweed had gone back to work. Traumatizing for everyone. Sorry to hear the kids are ill. Never fun. Sorry to hear about pluto. I often think about what we’re going to do when the cats–all of whom are ancient–start going.

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