Athena at 7 Months

There is so much to say about Athena and what a wonderful little girl she is turning into. How her first words really are dada, and how she is trying to figure out crawling from a sitting position, and how she moves by butt bouncing, to how she gets bored hanging out in our room all the time and likes to be by her big sister, even though Morella always takes all her toys away while sadly repeating “No no Neena. That’s mine.” She still only has the tooth she was born with, weighs 18 1/2 pounds (according to Wii Fit baby stats), wears 9-12 month clothing, hates baby food but is a more adventurous eater than Morella (as in we give her real people food), and has her first chest cold.

Here is the link to see the month by month progression: Progression of Athena

2 thoughts on “Athena at 7 Months

  1. Sarah

    I would love to see Athena’s new butt bouncing prowess — she just seemed to be getting started on it when I saw her last time. I think this is the National Geographic/Discover Health series where they showed the different ways babies get around to walking:

    Might be available through the library system?

    Poor little gal with her first chest cold. :-( It’s so hard seeing them suffer when they haven’t experienced such a bizarre thing before, and they can’t understand that life will get better again.


  2. hadjare Post author

    Thanks for the link. I ordered it and the second one on netflix. Yeah it’s the harsh coughs that really seem to get riled up, mad and angry. Though she seems to be worse…i wonder if i can have them check her ears at her flu booster shot appointment.

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