Weekend of Firsts

On Saturday, Athena and  I had turned the corner — marginally.  Still, after being cooped up for ever we all headed out to the newly opened (last year) Sun Prairie Target.  Unlike our current Target, which is undergoing renovations, merchandise displaced willy nilly and aisles so narrow only a small child could squeeze though – the SP Target is like heaven…with friendly employees eager to smile and help me out, should I need it.  Anyway.  One of our main reasons for being there, was to look for Disney bedding. It was time to transition Morella to her big girl bed — the twin.  Tim ended up finding the princess trio in a sheet set that included a pillow case.  He took apart the day bed, we stacked the daybed mattress on top of the trundle and then switched the daybed with the crib/toddler bed, so that her new bed would be in the same location.  She had shown interest in sleeping in that bed before but couldn’t hack it. I think it was because she couldn’t see through the cracked door…anyway.  The point of this ramble is that Morella is a in a big girl bed.   My little girl, is in a normal bed. Wow.

It’s actually kind of funny. Since the door is open a crack I peek in there every time I walk past the door.  Every single time she is in a completely new position, sometimes sprawling, sometimes huddled with her butt sticking up in the air or laying on her tummy all stretched out. Once I even saw her laying half off the bed on her knees sort of like she was praying.

Today I feel a ton better. So does Athena.  Morella is better. Tim is better…we all for the moment, doing much better. It feels like it was a long time coming.  I still haven’t regained my sense of smell, taste or hearing but I can sense it’s there.  What a nasty stretch of a cold that was. It feels like it was two weeks of punishment. A haze.

Moving on.  Today we accidentally went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Yesterday’s weather was so nasty that they apparently rescheduled.  I had been a little bummed about not going yesterday but glad to not be out on the bleak weather.  Today, it was sunny and mid 50′s! We had gone downtown to attend the CSA open house so that we could meet our new CSA people.  Along the way we heard bag pipes and saw people heading up towards the square.   The genius that I am, I put two and two together.   We got some beads, some head gear I’ll have the girls wear on Wednesday, and candy. It was such an unexpected delight, to be honest.  Morella’s second parade and Athena’s first.

It’s now midnight. This daylight saving’s time thing sucks.  Everyone took naps until … 7:00. The day was just royally messed up you know. Tomorrow will be just as sucky I am sure getting up an hour earlier.   I am looking forward to the extra sunlight, sure…but adjusting to the new time with little kids is the pits.

Lastly, I just want to note that nursing Athena is really one of the most wonderful things that I have ever done in my life.  Tonight, as I cradled her to sleep in the crook my arm as she nursed I felt this incredible bond.  In the wide expanse of our bed, in the dark I lay with my little baby girl.  I find myself marveling at her these past few weeks. How  she was such a surprise to us, how she just came on her own and how she is starting to show real personality.  I get glimpses of the real Athena here and there…shining through the baby features.  Then I look at Morella and think back to even one year ago — how much and fast they change in the course of a year.  I find myself trying to imagine how Athena is going to look  and what she will be doing next year at this time.   But then, I don’t want to dwell on that too much.  That day will come, in the meanwhile I want to remember every square inch of my butt bouncing, trying to crawl, yakking little baby girl.  In the meantime, for a couple of hours a day she is mine. All mine.

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