A day in the life

I need some serious motivation for today.  Yesterday was a whirlwind of Doctor appointments.  One for me in the morning and one for Athena in the afternoon because her mysterious fever, crankiness and overall sad baby syndrome returned.  I actually managed to see her real pediatrician who said she either has a mild case of pneumonia or, mostly likely, a sinus infection.  She was prescribed amoxicillian and I am to alternate between ibuprofen and acetaminophen for the next two days.

Awake 6:45. Athena seems good spirited. I get up and feed the cats and let out Pluto, rewash the diapers sitting in the washer for two days. Morella is awake in bed.
7:15 (this part is a little freewheeling because I didn’t get the idea until 9:15….) Change Athena’s diaper. Have breakfast (cereal for me, Morella and Athena) Open the drapes. Put dishes in dishwasher. Use the bathroom. Change Morella’s diaper. Drink coffee. Watch Sesame Street. Nurse Athena. Tim leaves for work. Go to the computer.

9.15 Neena on floor grousing playing . Morella tries to sit on her. I pick up Morella and play, wear her like a scarf. Athena tries to crawl and falls flat on face, gets stuck. Pick up Athena cue tantrum from Morella.

I go pee and change the toilet paper roll, pick up broken doll head with toes – all while holding Athena.  Morella rages on. I come back to the office and inquire if she is done yet. No. So I go back to the bathroom. Put Athena on the floor. Wash my face, put in contacts, call Emily to see if she wants to take a walk. She can’t because she is watching a baby and her back is hurting. I make vague comments about the afternoon. Get Athena dressed, long red heart shirt with red pants, and change her diaper.

9:39 – Get Morella dressed. Long sleeved white onsie and her “elmo” shirt over it. (There is teeny little patch on the sleeve with Elmo’s face). Jeans. I call Kathleen and leave message about babysitting Daphne this afternoon. Morella jumps on the bed. Athena plays on the floor. I let Arkham out of the basement. I have Morella take off her cozy sweater (she won’t use a blanket at night so she wears a fleece sweater over her jammies), she takes off her pants, and I help her a little with her shirt. Bonus, she takes off her diaper (not bonus really…it wasn’t that wet). I put lotion on her back because it looks like its been attacked by a tiger. Then dress the greased pig. She makes that task as difficult as possible. Fix her hair.

9:52 – Find Athena and me socks. PUt them on. Nurse Athena (to see if she’ll nap) while making the bed. Decide to not finish the job because I want to change the sheets later on. Put on socks.

10:00 – Check outside thermometer (45) and then internet to see if it will get warmer. It will, so I change plans to go to Target instead. Tried to get Morella to stop screwing around and get her shoes. She won’t get out of her bed. So I say fine, take a nap. I turn of the light and shut the door. Cue tantrum. In that two minute time out, I jacket and buckle in Athena to her carseat. THen I get Morella and we put our shoes on. She wants to wear Noah’s coat. No she wants to wear her own coat. No she really meant Noah’s coat. (she got Noah’s coat yesterday because I had sent her over with a winter coat). Kathleen calls, it’s tomorrow that she might need someone and she already has someone else lined up. Refill Morella’s sippy cup. Check diaper bag. Get everyone out of the house. Load the car with kids and head out.

10:34 – Just as I am approaching Target I remember that Animart has a story time on Tuesdays at 10:30 that I have been meaning to check out. I decide to go there. Athena was asleep but wakes up. Nutz. It’s a zoo there…there are 45 kids and at least 25 adults. I grab a 1/2 cup of free coffee and drink it while befriending Brooke, the woman next to me. I sense that she wants to hang out and talk more, but Morella is antsy and it’s too crowded. She says she hopes to see me around and that she is there every Tuesday. We leave the room, look at animals, get some free popcorn and leave.

11:09 – Head to Target.
11:15 – Target. Put Athena in Ergo. Walk Morella to store. Use the bathroom. Put Morella in a cart. I get a little pink purse, flower headband, miniwhoppers, egg chalk, sidewalk chalk with holder, barrettes (dang those dollar bins!) a wind up yellow chick, flower wall hooks, a box of nerds, waterproof mattress cover, size 3 up and up diapers.
11:50 – Leave
12:03 – McDonalds’ drive thru for a medium ice coffee, and a fillet o fish combo.
12:15 – Arrive home. Unload kids. Morella takes off her coat and shoes. Change Athena’s poopy diaper. I get lunch ready (she get’s half the combo), and nurse Athena while Morella disappears for awhile and is quiet (pooping).
12:25 – Change MOrella’s poopy diaper.
12:36 – Eat
12:40 – Morella stops eating and goes to her room. I go to bathroom to lock cabinet.
12:42 – Reheat some leftovers to compliment lunch (I do not eat Morella’s half). Put dishes in dishwasher while it’s reheating
12:44 – Eat leftover goulash. Athena is playing on couch. Morella sings and plays with a doll. “Weh wha baby go beep.” She says. I agree.
12:47 – Naptime initiated. Morella goes down without a fight. I take Athena to bed and nurse her. She isn’t eating much and her diapers are lightly wet. It’s the sinus infection.
12::57 – Athena is asleep.
12:59-1:45 – We all sleep.
1:47 – Athena wakes. I nurse her back down.
1:57 – I make a break for it.
1:58 – Athena is howling. Nurse down again.
2:07 – I make a break for it. Success! I go to the computer and log on. Check email, start looking at Reader and LJ.
2:18 – Loud noise emanates from bedroom. Go in to see guilty looking cat and Athena screaming. Nurse Athena back to sleep.
2:24 – Escape. Go and put diapers into dryer. Bring up covers and fleece liners. Put outside to dry.Check mail (2 netflix, census, hochunk paper, dog license — we are the stage now where we don’t know if we should renew it…) Morella is awake in her bed.
2:36 – Livejournal
2:49 – Athena cries and Morella is up
2:50 – Motrin for Athena
3:00 – I call Emily back (she has left a message during nap time) and she wants to hang out. I say I will drop by on my way to the park. I get the kids ready. Change diapers. Put on socks and shoes. Refill milk cup. Get camera. Haul out double stroller, remember keys and phone. As I am leaving the house I see that Emily is standing in the driveway with her son in a wagon and the baby she watches in an umbrella stroller. I go out we chat, I put Morella in the wagon with Leo, the baby and Athena in the double stroller and fold up the umbrella to store in the double beast. We walk back to her house (2 blocks). Then Morella plays with my little pony, Athena tries to crawl, Leo plays, and we talk. I nurse Athena and then we leave.
4:45 – Walk back to house to get Morella’s milk cup that I forgot on top of the car. We walk to the blue park about five blocks away. Morella plays on slide for awhile. We go to the baby swings and swing, but Blond lady and her 16 mo kid come, shortly followed by slight ironic husband. I feel immediately like a big blustering loser after a failed attempts at conversation (as in they don’t ask any questions and stand awkwardly next to their son in the swing that Athena gave up for him). I decide it’s time to go home to make dinner and let Pluto out.

5:13 – Leave park.
5:25 – Arrive home. Unload kids. Let Pluto out. Unload stroller. Put strollers away into garage.
5:30 – Nurse Athen and change diaper (not very wet, so I keep it on) Yo Gabba Gabba is on and Morella watches.
5:40 – Let Pluto back in, add more time to dryer, put Athena in exersaucer and start washing undishwashable dishes. Start boiling water for lobster ravioli and pesto tortellini.
5:45 – Washing and putting away pots and pans. Making faces at Athena. Preheat oven.
5:50 – Tim arrives home. I go to computer to find olive oil based sauce for pasta. Text Sigrid about possibly going to a book reading tonight at 6:30. No response. Microwave a bag of frozen peas to go with dinner.
6:12 – Put Sara Lee (on sale) Apple Pie in oven. Make olive oil sauce and add to pasta. Make a plate for Morella. Finish putting out dinner. It’s time to eat!
6:21 – Change Athena poopy diaper. Morella get’s a time out for not coming to eat.
6:30 – Eating.
6:50 – Give Athena medicine. Nurse her while standing. She falls asleep immediately.
7:00 – Feed the cats. Decide to try and put Athena to bed early. Put her in jammies, she wakes up. Tim and Morella get ready to take Pluto on a walk.
7:09 – Nurse Athena in darkened room. She gets a second wind and starts playing. Sigh.
7:28 – Tim and Morella return. Pluto was dogging it, and peed a trickle once. He has no energy. He doesn’t eat anymore. He’s losing more weight and sleeping more. Give up on bedtime for Athena.
7:30 – Take out pie.
7:31 – Morella and Athena play together on the floor, until someone starts to cry.
7:38 – Take Athena to Morella’s room where Tim is to have him watch her while I pick up toys. Then I vacuum the living room, hall way and office while holding Athena in the other arm.
8:00 – Bed time. Tim changes Morella into jammies, puts her to bed and says her prayers.
8:03 – Athena goes to bed a second time. I nurse her down.
8:22 – Escape
8:25 – Wii Fit
8:55 – Put Wii Fit away. Drink some water. Clean off couch.
9:00 – Start watching How I met Your Mother while working on Granny Afghan
9:12 -Athena cries. I go in and administer acetaminophen . She looks like she having a night terror. I nurse her down.
9:20 – Escape. Back to watching HIMYM and crocheting.
9:39 – Finish show and crochet for another few minutes until Tim takes over the TV for Wii.
9:45 – Download photos onto computer and go through them deleting obvious bad ones.
10:00 – Start this post
10:20 – Athena cries. Tim goes in and tries to settle her. Her scream sounds terrible and he says she gets upset when she tries to swallow.
10:28 – I go in and nurse Athena down.
10:40 – Return to this post, get a snack, and drank some water.
11:24 – right now, I will add some pictures.

11:50 – Head to bed. Still need to take out contacts and get changed.

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