Goog mooging. This weekend was good. Jim came to visit Tim and on Friday they played games and I wrote over 5K words in a few hours. It whupped me though, I was so tired after that, and ate my pizza, finished watching the Sweet Hereafter and went to bed. Saturday, got up made some breakfast and we headed out to Evanston. Tim and Jim wanted to go to EB Games and trade in games…okay Tim did, Jim was a long for the ride…but also because they were going to see Die Another Day and do some shopping. We split up and I found myself in a variety of interesting stores, having strange little conversations with other shoppers as we all looked around. I bought some wooden woodsies (not woodies as I originally called them. 8) ), and some paint (for fun crafty things…I made an ornament and a gift card when I got home right away) and a snowflake punch to make white snowflake confetti, a tree stamp and some green stamping ink. It looks so neat, I am very pleased that I didn’t over spend on craft stuff but found some really useful bargains. Okay. I know. Some of you may disagree and even point out that doing crafts is not a bargain at all, especially when you have to buy stuff for it. But to that, “I say go to hell.”

Myself, I do not like Bond movies and instead went to see 8 Mile. It wasn’t bad, it definitely inspired me to write some more when I got home even though I felt like I was burned out. Then we were going to go to Neo, but I could not find any get in free coupons, they were advertising for this weeks stupid fetish specials, so we all just went to the Lighthouse and drank there.

Sunday, I could not resist, I had to look at it. Tim bought me Suikoden III which I was only going to look at and play in December…but it looked cool. I had to see what kind of reward I working towards, right? Especially when it got such raving reviews, and indeed…it IS cool as I found out 6 or 7 hours later. So. No, no more writing has been done, but dude…7K plus words in a weekend is a lot, and I do still have this week to pull off a miracle. After Jim left, we decided to eat a fine dinner of homemade mashed potatoes, sausage and mixed greens while watching the second half of LotR. Bekah and Greg stopped by to drop off a movie we might want to see, and return Tim’s tie. We tried again to convince them of going home for Thanksgiving’s considering that it might be the last one for awhile. To no avail though. We gave them a chicken I was de thawing but do not have time to make now, and threw in some cranberry sauce, yams and potatoes so that at least they can have their own little thanksgiving dinner. I am stopping by tomorrow to drop off a pumpkin pie I am making tonight. I like baking. 8)

Thanks to Melissa for sending me her picture. I added her right away, as you can see. That should be encouraging to the rest of you, whom pictures I do not have, to send them to me.

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