Crash and burn

Okay. Really, I get it. We are having a string of bad luck, but when will it end? Monday, I get a case of the stomach flu. Tuesday, Pluto dies and Morella is up all night puking … er “burping” her guts out all over her bed (lots of laundry today) and Wednesday – today – Our main 6 month old desktop computer fucking catches fire! So now we only have our laptop until we can get the main computer fixed.

My mantra today is “one thing at a time.” I am just doing one thing at a time as they come up. Live in the absolute present and change a diaper, wash diapers, read stories to a sick Morella, nurse for the 1000th time, put a little laundry away, pick up a toy, make some lunch, miss our dog, check the mail, make a post…. My main point is try not to get overwhelmed thinking about how much there is to do in this house, or when Morella is going to get better or worry about how crappy she is feeling, or worry that my milk supply is messed up by not eating much for three days, but instead just do one thing at a time. Get through this hour. This afternoon. This day. This week. Things aren’t always this crappy. These things happen. March will soon be over and April will be here with the real promise of spring. In the meantime, my three day headache is finally gone and I can actually eat a little. I have some energy back. I have two wonderful little girls who need me to carry them, read to them, play with them, a husband to hug, a house to live in, a little grey cat who is showering us all with love, friends who care and hopefully, just hopefully this is it. No more bad luck for this month. No more illnesses. No more death. No more big things breaking.

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