Coffee Maker Kaput

I wish I was making this stuff up. But today the coffee maker’s heating element mysteriously just stopped working. We had to boil water over the stove and then pour it through the top – camping style to get our morning cup of joe. Yesterday I said the computer caught fire, I wasn’t kidding. It smoked and filled the house with ozone and acrid smoke in which we needed to open windows to let out toxic fumes with the overhead fan on. Tim said that it should still be under warranty so we are going to send it back this week — and hopefully get some resolution on it before long.

Meanwhile, I am starting to feel like a black cloud lingers over this house. What other bad thing is going to happen? I am almost a little afraid to leave the house. But I must, for we need a new coffee maker. I’ll take the back roads and be extra vigilant.

Morella is better today. She ate 6 mini pancakes, a few bites of banana, and is now picking fights with Neena left and right.
“That’s MINE Neena. That is MY barn Neena. That is MY milk Neena. No Neena, that is MINE! No Neena play. No Neena talk!”

I think we get the picture.

I told Morella she is crabby. “No, not crabby! No sleep!”
Ha ha, I take it that when I say that she crabby it’s usually followed by me putting her down for a nap. I can believe that. The she’ll follow it up with “No Weh Weh diaper…change!”

Because you know, when you go down for a nap, you earn a new diaper.

Okay, I think my 10 minutes of computer time are up for now. After spending the last hour building lego barns for Morella and lego houses for Athena to dissemble, I needed a few minutes of me time. Besides Morella went to her room to poop in her diaper and now I have …. oh no wait. She just brought he wet bar out. In order to try and get her drink liquid yesterday she had no less than four drinks. Water. Juice. Watered down soda. Soy milk. All of which had to accompany her to bed last night to be perched on her night table.

Last night we decorated eggs for the first time. She was very excited.

Oh got a phone call that ate up 9 minutes and now Neeners is giving me the hairy eye ball and Morella is almost done pooping. Maybe I should brush my hair today.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Maker Kaput

  1. Jessie

    March is a suck month. I know what you mean. I broke my good Bose headphones and have had to deal with these aweful dictaphone buds, Squirt, My van blew another motor, I lost my prescription (the prozac no less, and I JUST got it filled). One thing right after another this month. I kind of just let it all go, a mental washout. Don’t worry about what comes next, juststart the next day like it will be a good day. When I did that, a really nice van was for sale and we stopped to see it. It is much nicer than teh van I have, way more reliable and the guy wants HALF of what I still have to pay for the broken one. So, for 1200$ I get a nice van. We asked the guy if he would hold it for us for 500$ and he told us he would hold it for nothing and would see us on the 3rd for the final sale. I can’t belive he was so nice. I just can’t belive it. Then, I got a phone call from my surgeon telling me I can have my proceedure in Eau Claire and my insurance will cover it there instead of having to go all the way to rodchester! What a blessing! I go for my first consult on April 2.

    It will get better. March is just hard this year. Cry for your puppy until you feel better. I am a firm believer that all dogs go to heaven and he is hanging out with Squirt, killer, colors, peanut and Buster and all those other animals from way back when. All of them happy and healthy and perfect.

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