Younger Brother Ill

Friday’s nugget of joy was not Tim failing his latest Microsoft test, it was my younger brother Josh suffering a major asthma attack and nearing death. He had a 10% chance of survival Friday night. They did a surgery that inserts a machine with tubes that basically bypass his lungs, because they were not working. I know, very technical of me but you know it’s 10:00 at night and we have two awake kids in the hotel room, one of which is making me Apple Pie with the microwave. Oh now Tim gets some Apple Pie in the shape of pants.

Anyway. He was flown from the Eau Claire hospital via helicopter around midnight last night and is here at the St. Mary’s Mayo hospital facility. We all drove over to visit him today and meet up with my other brother Shane, my Mom and the people who gave them a ride (nice people). My stepdad opted to stay home and drink himself into obvilion and my other brother didn’t have the cash or will to come. So yeah. Here we are. Athena is crying and needs to go to sleep. I need to get Morella to stop playing with the microwave.

Bets on who is getting sleep tonight?

PS…Josh is doing much better and his chances of survival has increased greatly.

3 thoughts on “Younger Brother Ill

  1. Sarah

    Holy COW, you’re on a mad, mad streak of awfulness. I hope you’re in line for some amazing good luck soon. Here’s to April.

    I always dread hotel stays, but everyone conks out…eventually. Four hours of sleep is better than zero, right? I hope you don’t have an early checkout time, or that Tim can bring you some good stuff from the breakfast buffet.

    I’m glad Josh’s situation has improved. Please keep us updated.

    You should have real mail waiting from me when you get home.


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