Worst Week Ever recap

I hope it’s over, it will go down in my memory as one of the worst weeks ever. I know that by comparison some other weeks will be way worse and I know that, but for now, this was one of the worst weeks in recent history. I am grateful that they aren’t often. A recap.

Monday: Stomach flu. I barely left the new carpet. Terrible headache.

Tuesday: Put Pluto down. Morella has stomach flu. Multiple vomiting in bed. Lots of laundry. Headache and bad tummy ache persists.

Wednesday: Our 6 month old brand new super computer, doesn’t turn on at first. Tim fixes it for 10 minutes, then it catches fire. Something with the power supply. We sent it back on Saturday – but are looking at no major computer for at least a month. :( Sick crabby Morella continues. Athena crabby too. Headache finally goes away. No Neener nap.

Coffee maker dies before the first cup. Kids are crabby but at least Morella is starting to eat again. No Neener nap. I manage to sneak out later while Karen is here to buy a new one, and one of those metal stove top espresso makers I have wanted for 15 years.

Friday: Tim fails his latest microsoft test. We hope that is it for bad luck. I got an awesome care package in the mail from my friend Sarah – items included Natural trail mix, two bars of chocolate, cherry puffs, toddler twists, waffle fries, bunny washing pouf, oragel teeth brushing set (with Elmo so Morella is obsessed with it) and a beautiful card. Thank you so much Sarah – a proper thank you is in on the list…which at this point is long. Which a good thing, right? To have so many good friends? I start thinking maybe the worst of it has passed. I pack up the kids and head to the grocery store to get food for fish tacos — we had dinner guests that night. Come back. Morella naps. Athena doesn’t. I start the dinner and see that I have a message from Mom. I listen to it and stop everything. I put down Athena and listen to it again. My second youngest brother Josh suffered a severe asthma attack during the night and at that point had only a 10% chance of survival.

What the fuck. Seriously?

Anyway. I didn’t know what to do. I asked Tim’s parents to watch Morella and they said they could. But before they could leave Milwaukee I mentioned to Tim that I was going to miss her and he said “let’s take her with us. We should stay together in case something happens.” Meaning — with the kind of luck we were having would YOU risk separating? So we called and canceled. It turned out that they put Josh on some kind of machine that is normally used for by passing the heart, but also works for by passing the lungs.

Long and short of it, he survived because of this machine, and because each hospital recognized that they couldn’t give him the help he needed. He ended up at the Mayo St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN — flown via helicopter! I’ve never even been in a helicopter, so now Josh finally one upped me. :P

Oh and Tim develops the stomach flu.

Saturday - drive to MN, find out our hotel is not close to the hospital, forget Tim’s work laptop at home, and the girls didn’t go to sleep until 1:00 AM. That made for awesome day today, let me tell you. Meet up with my Mom and other brother Shane while visiting Josh. I buy them dinner from a vending machine because the cafeteria had closed at 7:00.

- Josh is much improved. He is out of the woods for dying, but still very serious. Eventually we all did get sleep. I enjoyed a hot shower and went to visit Josh by myself before leaving, on my way back to the hotel from the hospital I find $10 in the middle of an empty parking lot. I stop the car and get it. I figure it’s the universe’s way of saying “Hey, sorry your dog died. Here’s $10.”

Extra notes:

-I joked with Tim that the ultimate purpose behind all of this was to get us to Rochester and that we are going day going to live in that weird, little town.

-On Friday I did a smudge of the us and the house. I like to think that is when the surgery for Josh was a success and things started to turn around.

–I had to cancel a play date for the second time on Sunday — I am beginning to suspect I look like I don’t want to actually meet. :(

-I realized this week I am a stress eater.

-The care package came in super handy for fun snacks for this road trip.

-I miss Pluto.

3 thoughts on “Worst Week Ever recap

  1. Sarah

    Oh, don’t worry about a proper thank you! I’m just glad some of the stuff came in handy already, and that the box got there so quickly. Seriously, I mailed that thing at 6 pm Thursday night, an hour after the PO’s posted final pickup time.

    I’m also glad that you’re home safe, and that Josh is stabilizing a bit. What are some of your thoughts on Josh? How did you interact while you were growing up? What is a smudge?

  2. rachel

    I’m sorry! What a week… Thank goodness your brother survived. What a mighty ordeal. Hoping Tim feels better soon. Mike had stomach flu last week followed by a bad cold. He thought it was all one virus, which seemed unlikely to me at the time (I thought he had food poisoning + a cold). But I came down with it last night. Definitely one thing. Anyway, take care of yourselves. The smudge sounds like it was a good idea.

  3. zoey b

    Hey Laura. Sorry to hear about all the challenges. I think I need to smudge my house too. It’s been a long tough year. Hang in there friend. z

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