Josh update and Athena Sleep

Josh is doing better, he was taken off the life giving blood machine, but has developed a mysterious fever while they say will lengthen his recovery. He’s still sleeping in a chemically induced slumber, so it’s all still wait and see.

Speaking of slumber – I feel a little sad for Athena and myself. Sleeping with her in our bed has gotten much more difficult the bigger she has gotten. Like many, she prefers to sleep with her arms stretched out beside her with not a care in the world. She should care though, because that little stinker started fell out of out bed three times last night, each time I rescued her after she cried and put her back on the edge. [Do not worry Mommy Police, there is a cosleeper right there so she can't actually fall and hurt herself, it's a 3 inch drop, which can be uncomfortable at best.] I am also tired of my right arm falling asleep, and not being able to turn onto my stomach to back whenever I want, as well as cover up with as many blankets as I want. Lastly, she is taking forever to go to sleep at night and seems to be using me as a glorified pacifier.

In short, my girl needs some sleep training skills. I have two goals right now: 1. She sleep in her cosleeper and 2. She can go to sleep without being nursed. These are important because it means that Tim, or another caregiver would be able to put her down without needing me. I am also hoping that by doing this, she will sleep longer and learn to help sooth herself. It took me an hour to get her down tonight and she woke up after 30 minutes in which case Tim went in there to offer comfort. She didn’t want it, so he put her back down and left. She cried for about 5-7 minutes before she went to sleep again. She did that “Cry..pause…cry….pause” thing where she waits to see if someone will come.

I wish I had taken detailed notes on how we did this with Morella. But you know, Morella was easier. She was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks all by herself and by the time she was three months she didn’t need a midnight feeding. Each baby is different — I know, but it would be nice to remember the exact details considering it wasn’t that long ago.

I still have to work out when I nurse her and where. We both do best with the side lying position, but maybe I should start to feed her sitting up in the living room before going to bed to separate the two. But would I still be able to nurse her down for naps in bed? Or … sigh. Sometimes nursing her like that is my favorite part of the day except at night when she won’t go to sleep!

Consistency. I know. Sigh. I wish we had a king sized bed.

2 thoughts on “Josh update and Athena Sleep

  1. Jessie

    Thank God Josh is doing better. Here’s hoping this is the end of the bad luck. You delt with it gracefully and it can only get better from here. OUr throughts are with you guys and Josh and your mom.

  2. Homemaker Man

    Hey dude. Good to hear from you. We’re sorry you’re having such a rough time of it. Makes our week sound like a vacation. Yes we got a crap load of rain. Glad to see your brother is improving. 10% is a scary number. Have you tried a pacifier for Athena? It might help get her to release and sleep in the co-sleeper. The Pacifier helped with the Peanut. We mostly only gave it to her at sleep times and then when it was time for it to go, we suffered through one tough night of angry crying, and then it was over. Sorry about Pluto as well. You want a big, dumb, sweet, rambunctious Boxer? I’ll fedex her.

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