Photos from the last two weeks

Here is a smattering of things we did in the last two weeks.

Morella and her friends Caleb and Auggie check out the tiger close up at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

Athena and her paternal Grandmother

The last walk.

Morella regresses.

Dyeing easter eggs – check out Neeners “participating”

Egg hunt at America’s Best Flowers. It was great because it was open egg hunt from 10-3, inside and they replenished the eggs continuously. Everyone got the same little bag of candy at the end, so there was no need for competition. Morella has a blast! Tim was skeptical at first, but then I reminded him that she two. Definitely a repeat for next year.

My wonderful friend Sigrid. She threw a birthday party for her bulldog Zilla. Morella third official doggy birthday party and Athena’s first. Sadly, none of the dog and kid shots were that great. I had only so much room left on my camera and I wasn’t as free with taking a billion photos to get some good shots as I normally am.

Morella takes a moment to dig into some Easter Loot. Note that she and Athena are wearing the same “dress.” I quote that, because after washing it once they became tunics. The barrettes in her hair came from her Easter basket and she declared them “princess hair thingies.”

Athena is digging in her loot with a seriousness I can’t help but to laugh at.

Cousins and one cousin by marriage…are they cousins in that regard? Hm. Maybe not. But they are going to see each other at least once a year…so that has to count for something. It was so much fun to have a roving band of kids. I can only imagine what it is going to be like in a few years at Uncle Mark’s. (Uncle Mark is Morella’s favorite Uncle … for the moment).

If you answer that door, you are in for a bucket of cute!

Athena, her cousin Eden and me. Eden and Athena are about 4 months apart.

2 thoughts on “Photos from the last two weeks

  1. Sarah

    I can’t stop chuckling at that picture of Athena “helping” with the egg dyeing. It looks like she enjoyed her Easter treats after all — you made the right decision, and as I expected, the picture is adorable.

    Eden has gotten so big and bright-eyed since I last saw her…June of last year at the campground, I think. She was a teeny newborn in her carseat. And Sigrid looks stunning! Oh my.

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