Woke up this morning, and got to work on time! Wahoo. I have a obession with Soil and Eclipse right now. I think I will write them a fan letter today.

Much better mood this morning. The frentic activity of yesterday is over. One interesting thing yesterday. I had this strange, long involved dream about this guy by the name of Bert Menco…in the dream (which was a cross between City of Lost Children and Moulin Rouge). He showed up at work wearing a snowsuit mechanic type outfit with his customary scarf wrapped around his neck a couple times. I opened the door, and he said in his hungarian, softspoken accent “I was in Alaska!”

Hm. So I went over the other department across the hall (which he works in), and asked the program assistant there if she had seen him. It occured to me that I hadn’t seen him float around for months. She said she hadn’t seen him in weeks…and come to think of it, no one else had seen him either. BUT, his mail was being taken. So someone, or something…is taking his mail for him. Jenni, (her name) revealed that he gets strange, exotic mail. Elegant handwriting, fantastic stamps, thin air mail letters…etc. I asked her to keep an eye out for him.

ANd yes, I have only spoken with him once. Once. But dude, when you have a neat dream with someone interesting in it, isn’t your duty to tell them?

Or is that creepy?

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