Back to the grind

I had a read a blog post the other day talking about how the author wanted to write each post to be concise, spell proofed, grammatically correct, interesting and on topic. I too would like to do such things, however if I were to do that nothing would get written. Which in the end, is what she said herself. I hold out hope that one day I could do such things, but then a niggly voice in the back of my head taunts “When have you ever done that?” I have. A couple times a year something comes out that is well written.

Anyway. I have been getting a lot of compliments on how great my hair looks. It’s funny because while my hair does look better now that it has grown out a bit, it’s really not what is making the difference. My secret? Make up. I have started wearing make up again. It’s amazing what a difference putting on eye make up does for your hair. There was a stint back in college where I wore make up almost every day – at least eye line (liquid of course) and mascara. That age old question of “If you were to have one piece of make up, what would it be?” My answer is mascara. I am always shocked by how many people say lipstick. Ugh too much maintenance, and then it leaves marks all over everything and you have to be careful of what you kiss (babies!) … and touch, hands, cups… I also once read that the average lipstick wearing woman ends up eating about 6 tubes of make up a year. Or maybe it was during their life time. Hm. That said, I got a lip gloss from my friend Sarah’s care package and I LOVE it. It’s fruity. It’s glossy and it’s the perfect shade and makes me feel like I am not trying too hard.

It was a great day today. I took the girls to the park and spent two hours there. Athena sat on the ground and rubbed her feet back and forth like she likes to do while Morella ran around. I did end up spending time playing with her because others were good enough to hang with the Neeners. I really miss hanging out with just Morella sometimes. I am looking forward to when Athena is bigger and able to do the same kinds of things Morella is able too. On the other hand, I just love spending quality moments with Neener nugget. She’s just so chompable. Athena got her third or fourth lone bath this afternoon because she came back from the park a little piggy. I like to think that she enjoyed spending time splashing about in the water by herself.

Morella is going through a language imitation stage right now. Some gems include
“That’s true!”
“Oh Toots!” (oh shoot)
“What’s happening?”

The other day I had gone across the street to visit the neighbors before dinner time and missed Tim coming home. He took the car and went to his game session. When we returned home she looked out the window and noticed that the car was gone. She became very concerned and called my attention to the missing car. I told her that Daddy took it work (Whenever any of us leave for an extended length of time we are going to work), but she didn’t believe me. I called Tim up and handed her the phone where she told Tim that the car was gone. He told her he took it work. She said that the puppy’s place was messy and then hung up, satisfied. The puppy’s place on the couch was messy with clean laundry and it came into play only because she needed to climb up on the couch Why am I telling you this? Oh yes, because my real point here is that Morella had a full conversation on the telephone.

My eyes are getting gritty. I need to buy some eye make up remover. Nice stuff, you know. I hate washing make up off my face with soap. It never seems to work as well as with some eye make up remover.

One last thing, Morella is sick. I guess Athena did have another virus like the doctor at Urgent Care told me last week. :P I didn’t realize that Morella was really sick though until we were at Target and she was hating on my friend Lowen. She normally LOVES Lowen. I hope it’s just a little run of the mill cold. The forecast is rain tomorrow so we’ll probably spend most of the day inside. That’s okay, I need to get some seriously cleaning done. As much cleaning as one can do with two little ones that is.

5 thoughts on “Back to the grind

  1. Honeybean

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile (I’m a friend of Rebekah’s) and as for good makeup remover, I’ve always used Mary Kay’s 3 in 1 cleanser, and that stuff is FABULOUS. It gets all the makeup off as well as leaving your face very soft and clean. Just a suggestion.

  2. hadjare Post author

    Thanks Honeybean! Do you have a blog? I have lurked on many of Rebekah’s blogroll myself. ;)

    Thanks for the suggestion though. It so happens that my sister in law Erica sells Mary Kay stuff. I think I’ll just email her and ask her to get that for me — all based on your recommendation. Any other Mary Kay stuff I should absolutely get since I am making the effort to get this one thing? (I have always wanted to try more stuff..oh heck, any stuff).

  3. Sarah

    I almost never buy makeup for other people, but that gloss just spoke to me for you. I thought it would be a nice natural easy-to-slick-on tint. I’m so glad you like it! I’m thinking of buying one for me too, now, even though my coloring is quite different. I always need a bit of extra color on my corpse-pale lips, and in my face, so I’d have to go with lipstick rather than mascara if I could only choose one. Plus, I could cheat and use the lipstick as a cream blusher, too.

    I can’t wait to hear more reports as Morella’s language grows. We really have to watch what we’re saying around here. Ruth has caught “gosh darn it” from me, unfortunately. And I was…somewhat chastizing Dave for completely changing his garden plans yet again, which is going to lead to extra labor and expense this year for topsoil and stuff although he claimed last year we’d be pretty much done with that. I said, “I’m not changing the curtains every year.” Of course, Ruth chimes in, “not changing curtains every year!”

  4. Laura

    I tried to keep my blog to be more decently written posts about specific topics and keep my LJ as my rambling “what I did today” or “what I’m annoyed about” blog. But then I don’t post at all to I was going through my old LJ, and brought over some that I thought were well written (not necessarily grammar-wise, but story-wise), and then I just started bringing over all sorts of stuff. I don’t know. Some people friended me on Twitter, and I haven’t even looked at their blogs, but their tweets seem to be all about how to get more people to read their blogs. Is that what people want? Do we all want to be dooce? (who I don’t read because I really don’t care– I was going to say, I don’t care about her because i haven’t met her, but hey, I haven’t met you, and I DO care about you, but I think if I were to follow Dooce at this stage, it would be just a one-way follow. was this in a parenthesis? oh, it was).
    Anyway, you could have a mix– maybe once a month, you could post a writing experiment kind of post about one topic, just as practice? If that appeals to you. Otherwise, why change?
    Lilia has just started talking on the phone a little more. She is really a clammer-upper– sucking her thumb, smiling, laughing, but refusing to talk. I’m pretty sure I recently heard her say “What the heck” (or possibly the other H word!). Oops.
    Hope Morella is on the mend soon.
    Sorry for the ramble.

  5. Honeybean

    I do have a blog actually. unfortunately I don’t get on there nearly as often as I should, and it’s usually just me complaining, so I don’t know if it’s really a worthy read or not. As for Mary Kay stuff, I would say try anything, it’s been a long time since I’ve used anything simply because I never have the time or motivation to put makeup on, but I’ve tried a wide variety of everything and it all works well. My favorite though is that 3-in-1 cleanser simply because whether you have makeup on or just need to wash your face, it makes it feel smooth and also seems to tighten your facial skin too (if you ever have moments where you feel wrinkly and need a face lift) ;-)

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