Athena had her DNA test for tribal enrollment this morning. This is not something for the faint of heart — money wise. The full cost of having an application complete is $435. A good chunk of that goes towards the DNA processing. The actual DNA test itself is easy — they used to do actual blood draws!

Me getting my swab. I forgot to take a photo of Tim when they started. Oops. It looks much the same but without the cute girl in the back ground.

Athena didn’t cry at all. It was a breeze.

When it’s all said and done, Redcross takes a photo of the baby to go with the DNA sample. Essentially saying “This is the baby we tested” should anything be contested in court. The woman who performed the test said that she is going to have to find another solution to the polaroid film problem. Digital photos are often contested in court on the premise that they could have been altered. She is holding out for a company in China to continue making the film.

Last but not least, Morella smiles for Daddy. Tim was testing out the camera on his blackberry. I sort of wish I had thought to take photos of Morella when she had her test, but that was two years ago and we didn’t have awesome phones like this at the time.

Now we can sit back and hope that her application is approved by the end of this year. Morella had he application approved in mid December even though she had her DNA test completed in April. There are other steps yet to follow. Confirmation of results. Lineage research. Name published in the Hocak Worak (the Hochunk paper) where anyone can contest it within sixty days. Case brought before the supreme court and finally approved.

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