Faux Pas

I took the girls to the monthly Mom’s club meeting this morning because the special guest was a Kindermusik person. I haven’t been to a monthly meeting in over a year, but it was another grey morning and I was tired of Morella not taking a nap in the afternoon. She seems to not sleep if we haven’t left the house. Anyway, I sat down next to a new member and her 2 year old son and got a whiff of rotten soy milk. “Oh crap,” I thought. “Something about one of us (meaning me and the girls) stinks.” So I started sniffing everything. I sniffed Athena from top to bottom, and Morella while they were sitting on my lap. Then I smelled her sippy cup, and then took everything out of the diaper bag and sniffed, making sure to smell myself along the way. I said out loud “Something smells like rotten milk.” The woman next to me glanced my way and focused her attention back on the chaotic meeting. A short while later a little girl walked over to a cup that the woman next to me had placed on the floor. “Oh you don’t want that honey!” she said “It isn’t real milk. It’s soy.”

“Oh, maybe that is it!” I blurted out. She picked up the sippy cup, gave it a cursory sniff and shook her head. Embarrassed, I shrugged too and mumbled something. I tried to let it go, but every once in awhile it would sneak in. I hate the smell of rotten soy milk. I do. Anyway, the kindermusik person canceled and in it’s place we got a tour of the Fire station the meeting was held at. I gave everyone a second sniff and then let it go…that is until it wafted back under my nose later on. I was about to recheck us one more time when I realized that the woman and her child was standing next to me. It wasn’t me! Hurray!

Still, I didn’t exactly handle that one with posh. In my defense I was round about apologizing for us, you know, in case it was us.

The last photo was the best I could do getting both girls together sitting on the front grill. Athena kept trying to launch herself off, so I wasn’t able to get a great shot. Ah well, the other two were okay for a camera phone.

After the meeting we went to HyVee to get Morella’s soymilk (the only place in town that sells it) and then have lunch since it’s also her favorite restaurant. We picked out some flowers before leaving, came home and I bribed her to take a nap by promising we would put together bouquets when she got up. She likes to have her own arrangement on her night stand. They both took a glorious 3 hour dual nap and I cleaned the kitchen. I am hosting a Spring Party this Saturday for the playgroup and it desperately needed to clean (along with the rest of the house). It was awesome because I realized that with the new internet I can use the laptop in the kitchen. I got to chat with a friend, bake some caraway bread and clean. Perfect! For dinner I got Papa Murphy’s and baked some chocolate chip cookies I had in the freezer. Tim was only briefly because of game night. I played with the girls for a while, read some books and then put to bed at 8:00. Athena was finally out at 8:50 and the rest of the night was mine to do with as I saw fit (aka look at the internet, pick up a bit and resist eating more cookies).

Even though they were sick again this week, I managed. I guess after you go through a month like March then everything seems easier. Oh my Mom called and said that Josh came home on Monday and immediately started smoking. She is very depressed about it. There is no accounting for intelligence in that dude. I guess I hogged all the smart genes. :P

Off to bed. Athena was up at least 10 times last night and between her and a series of very strange dreams, I feel a little off kilter. One of the dreams was that Tim had pancreas cancer and needed to be put down. I just couldn’t do it though and when the day came I told him that we should wait until he was crippled and couldn’t move…he agreed and then started doing back flips. But you know, he was on board with being put down before that. The stress of this situation landed me in the ICU where I felt very awkward because really I was okay, just a little stressed out.

2 thoughts on “Faux Pas

  1. Homemaker Man

    The girls look beautiful. Glad to hear your bro is home. Caraway bread sounds yummy. I’m a decent cook but not a very good baker. I would shiv a mofo for a dual three hour nap from the kids. The Peanut has stopped napping unless I get her out and running, too.

  2. Lindsey

    Meheheh! The dreams! Sounds like one of mine.

    Your girls look adorable and like they have fun together. Emery is terrified of getting too close to the fire trucks, but she’s obsessed with pointing them out in traffic.

    And yes, flack or not, matching clothes are the reason to have girls afterall. :)

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