Smiling Athena

A little bit ago a friend had commented about not seeing enough Athena smiling pictures. I have since made it my mission to capture as many smiling Neener pictures as I can. Here are few from my phone. I also need to post her 8 month photo and an update…but for now this will do.

Also, I want to note that I read a book. An entire book. Sure it’s young adult fiction, but hey it’s a whole book nonetheless and it was good. In the Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. I highly recommend it. Upon finishing the book I had to slowly bring myself back to this world and my life. Despite devoting several hours to reading I did manage to get out side and enjoy a grill out with my neighbors, a trip to the grocery store and our first bike ride as a family to a park by the lake and back. Yesterday we threw a successful Spring party and had 12 tots 2 and under playing in the backyard while the parents ate delicious food and enjoyed a beautiful spring morning. Next weekend is Chicago!

We still need to make adjustments to Athena’s helmet and switch out the pillow behind, but despite that she and Morella loved their first bike ride. I have a feeling I am going to be sore tomorrow — it’s been almost two years since I have been on a serious bike ride.

Athena not posing very well for the camera.

A shy smile — it’s hard to get these smiles when you are afraid of dropping your phone into the bath water.

First time in the sandbox! She loved wiggling her toes in the sand and I was shocked and amazed she didn’t try to eat it!

One thought on “Smiling Athena

  1. Homemaker Man

    Those pics are awesome. and your party sounds great. However, I can’t believe you mentioned the “p-word” where the peanut is concerned. She just a baby. But yeah, we’ll probably start her in pre-school next fall. 2 of the teachers are pretty close family friends. I am now having a minor anxiety attack, thank you very much.

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