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I have been struck with a flu like virus. It’s not a new thing, it’s something I have been struggling with for over week, but is finally now getting nipped in the bud. I can only imagine that this is how the girls have been feeling, especially Athena. We both seem to be getting better though. I am just glad that it’s not fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. I have a secret fear that I am going to come down with either one of those. You know, it’s vague, and no one seems to understand it — which is why I guess there is a lot of advertising for it because it’s the catch all for pharmaceutical companies. The key symptom yesterday was body ache. My whole body just ached like I had a raging fever (with no actual fever) and it just hurt to live. Today it was much better, but came back midway through our evening walk. I think I probably just overdid it today — walking a lot, carrying young people all over the place along with a heavy diaper bag and shopping.

Naptime wasn’t long. Morella got up after an hour (only a 15 min over lap on dual naps) and we went to sit outside in the front so I could hear if Athena got up. I painted her toenails for the first time (a light purple), as I did my own. We sat on beach chairs in the lawn and nibbled on pretzels as we watched the world go by and enjoyed the warm weather. It was pretty awesome.

Karen came by around 4:00 and watched Athena while I took Morella to Shopko because they have Payless Shoe Store inside. After storytime this morning she took her shoes off complaining that they hurt. I can’t believe that it true. I mean, maybe it is. I can’t see inside them. Or maybe she just hates wearing shoes. In any case, she can’t go without shoes all summer especially in public places, so off we went to find her sandals. I ended up with a “boy” version – black with a little bit of blue, because the girls ones were either white or pink. Colors that get dirty really fast, and with my tomboy princess I can’t mess around with that. I did however, mess around with getting her a pair of silver sparkley ballet flats for dress outfits. She loved them both. Let’s just hope she wears the darn things.

For dinner I got a rotisserie chicken, some fruit salad, broccoli to steam and some kind of whipped cake dessert that I didn’t like. It was good, and I didn’t have to cook much. Athena really liked the broccoli and the salami chop block best. After dinner we all took a walk to the park, played a bit and took the long way home. It was such a beautiful day.

And now I need to think about bed to fight off the rest of this virus. Here are three photos:

Morella is really into flowers of any kind right now. I dug up some fake flowers I had around the house and gave them to her to make beautiful bouquets.

The smiling thena montage from my camera.

I had a hard time getting her to lay still and not cry while I took this photo. I can’t decide if this one is better, or the next one is better for the continuing montage. You tell me.

I know this is a little blurrier, but … I don’t know. There is something about it. For what it’s worth, Tim says I should go with the first one.

To see the collection so far, go here.

EDITED TO ADD: The problem is that we moved the crib. So now the crib is by the window and we don’t have the chair that I would stand on to get right above her. I think for the 9 month I am going to just have to go through the effort of bringing one in to stand on to maintain integrity.

One thought on “A few photos

  1. Sarah

    Yay, lots of smiling Athenas! How cute, with those cheeks and bright eyes.

    I don’t think the second 8 month photo is too blurry. It just looks softer and warmer than the first one.

    I painted one of Ruth’s fingernails for the first time yesterday, too! I was doing mine pale crystal pink, and she was bopping around curiously, so I let her have a painted pinky finger.

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