Last night I feel asleep at 8.30 !!! What? How is that possible?! Easily explained… you see after the hectic day yesterday I decided to have a drink at the Lighthouse. Tim joined me, and we had two. Then I went hom and ordered Chinese…devoured that, had a smoke…and was tired. I was going to take only a nap. Tim was supposed to wake me up at 10 so I could write some email…but either he didn’t do it..or I really slept through it. In any case, woke up at 1:00 when he decided to go to bed. You see, when I am not around, or am sleeping, no one is there to tell him when to go to bed. So he gets all naughty like that and stays up late. A wonder when he says he is tired the next day.

So. Tonight. I am going to watch Gattca and try to do some more stuff… to get ready. My Mom said she sent me a letter two weeks ago, and I still haven’t gotten it. Disturbing.

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