Thanks to everyone who came and made the party such a success! It was the best one yet, complete with caroling. The only thing that sucked was that we ran out of gifts for the last 5 people. The late comers…but still. I guess I wasn’t expecting such a terrific turnout. We had a total of forty-six wonderful guests making the trip from the depths of the city to outskirts of suburbs, to the folks who drove all the way from Madison and Milwaukee.

I did take pictures and finished the roll of film. I will develop this week and then put them up for all to see. Check back for details.

After all the running around and preparing that we did for Saturday, and then the party itself, we were rather tired on Sunday. I laid around and watched TV for most of the day, taking time out to have a ex-friend hang up on me (apparently this is nothing unusual as she is doing to the few friends she DOES have). I was okay with the hanging up after being annoyed for a few minutes…because…well. I achieved the goal I had, which was to not talk to her anymore. =I I know this may sound mean, but if you were in the same one sided conversation I was, about things from the past so far and forgotten, and she didn’t listen to a damn word you said even though she asked the questions…you would have too.

Watched a lot of TV yesterday, cleaned up all the bottles and trash…but left the rest of it until tonight, which consists of moving the furniture back and vacuuming. The tree and decorations I am going to leave up because it is still the holiday season, and Sigrid and Matt will enjoy them this weekend when they come for Saturnalia (in which Matt is Djing)

Today. I am bored at work, and working on my Christmas card list.

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