Whew, I am so very glad to be home, with both of the girls in their beds and sleeping. I am so glad to have a few hours to myself to look at the internet, have a beer and catch up. Ahh so nice. But, now that I have done that, I am tired and kind of want to just go to bed so that I can start the week off right. You know? Have energy to tackle the disaster area that is this house. I have bins of baby and toddler clothing scattered from the living room to the bedroom, with baskets of unsorted/folded laundry and a suit case with travel clothes in between.

  • Morella decided on the way down to Chicago that she wanted to really potty train. She started screaming and crying when she had to pee, as Tim figured out. We stopped whenever she would start making a ruckus, take her to the potty, pull down the pants and diaper and help perch her on the end of a toilet and wait…sure enough she would pee. She did that pretty much the entire weekend, even at night! She did wear a diaper most of the time and had a few wet ones because she was having fun playing with her friend Henry and his toys — but I think that diaper time is done. It’s ironic because I was going to have an official “bye bye diapers” party this week. I guess I don’t need too….right? Now if only she would poop in the potty.
  • We stayed with our generous friends Mike, Rachel and their 2 1/2 year old son Henry Friday night until Sunday.  It was great because Morella and Henry hit it off right away and despite fights over whose toy was whose, or who Athena belonged to.  It was refreshing to have Morella learn some more turn taking manners, learn how to sleep in a bed other than her own, how to sleep with others in the room, and get out of the house (all of that applies to Athena as well). There is no better cure to make one’s own toys seems more interesting than to leave them for a period of time.   We didn’t do much beyond hang out in their condo and go to a few parks but with little ones, there isn’t much you *can* do that they really care about.   That said, I am looking forward to our yearly trip to Chicago including things like the Aquarium,  Field Museum,  Millennium Park, magnificent Mile (including the American Girl’s doll store) and the zoo.  It’s really cool to see what happens in a year between Henry and Morella. Last year when we visited they both had just learned to walk and followed each other around making sure no one was walking off with the silver.
  • We had brunch at Wishbone this morning with our friend Kate and Eric. I was a little sad that I didn’t get more of a chance to talk to Kate, since I was holding Athena — but I did get a chance to chat with Eric and catch up a bit. Sadly, those things always go way to fast (and sometimes not fast enough with three little ones 2 and under).
  • I got to stop at Ikea this afternoon on the way home in exchange for a visit to Games Plus, and because I took care of the girls by myself for the entire day in a strange city, in a strange house.  I comprimised though and limited myself to just the kids section. I didn’t stay long because some kid was throwing the biggest tantrum I’ve ever heard and it was setting off Neeners who was strapped to my chest. We had a snack in the cafeteria (one of my fave things to do) and I had an awesomely good piece of chocolate cake and we headed home. We had to stop at the Rockford rest area because  Morella had to pee. She was SO very happy to play on the little play structure they erected.  I think all rest stops need a little play area. What a good way to burn off energy.
  • I saw a woman holding a toddler in the front seat of their boxy car in the bumper to bumper traffic into the city on Friday night. I was really jealous considering Athena was hungry and screamed for the remaining hour we were in the car.   It got me to thinking – in the event of an  apocalypse if I would strap her in or not. I usually think “not” but then remember that hospitals won’t be in abundance and that I would want every advantage to keeping my kids safe in the event of an accident.  My only exception so far is in the case of zombie apocalypse, in which case, I would want them strap free so I could grab them and run.
  • Tim won a $100 bucks at the conference he was at on Saturday. I used part of that money to fund my Ikea trip. Now  I am going to think of my purchases as prizes that I really wanted, though Tim pointed out that I didn’t really get anything for myself.  I felt like I did though, because getting stuff for your kid when they are tots is like getting something for yourself, right?   I got Athena’s paperware for her 1st birthday party — so cheap. Thank goodness for basement storage.
  • In  the time that I was gone, I got 160 spam comments. I need to figure out how to add some king of widget to this WordPress application to get rid of that.  I remember the same thing had happened to my blogspot account, but adding the character recognition thing ended it.
  • I have to go wash my face and get ready for bed. I am so tired.  We don’t have anything planned until Memorial Day weekend.  I look forward to seeing that fills them.
  • 3 thoughts on “Chicago

    1. Sleep late... dream more

      wait – what??? Kate & Eric have a baby, too? (or who was the 3rd child under 2 at your table at Wishbone?)

    2. Viv

      Wow…160 spam comments!!! Looks like you won the spam lottery. To think I grumble about deleting the not occasional enough comments in Chinese advertising a fellatio website on mine. New perspective here.

      Sounds like a great trip. The ones that you don’t try to pack too much into, are always the most enjoyable.

    3. Jessie

      Well, you know, you are a free DRIVING woman now. I think you should pack up your babies and we all go to the cabin for a couple days. We have 5 beds and internet now. I could probably borrow the Rhino so we all can go for a nice 4-wheeler ride in the same machine AND It is high time that Morella catches a fish. Sunfish will be biting soon and there is nothing more fun than a little girl with her barbie fishpole yanking in her first fish. Oh-and yes, we have life vests that would fit Neener and Morella both. Not to mention the quality fire pit and marshmallow time before bed. There is also a fridge and stove in case it rains, tons of toys. It would be an amazing time for the babies…juuust sayin’…

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