Dance dance

This morning I got everyone dressed and went to an event at the local library. Toddler Dance Party – no pre-registration needed. Ha ha. There were at least 50 kids there today (I lost count at 45 and hadn’t gotten to the back area by the food), and throw in at least one adult per kid and you got a lot of people crammed into meeting space. Morella, Athena and some of the other playgroup kids had a blast though. I had to leave a little early to make sure Morella got to use the potty before leaving to HyVee to get her milk, some olives, a sandwich, fruit salad for lunch, rhubarb and garlic bread. With the exception of her morning diaper which she used to poop in, she has been diaper free all day. She is now currently diaper free taking a nap…I half suspect there might be an accident, but I am crossing my fingers that won’t happen. I want to get out and get some pull ups for naps and overnight at least for a week or so so that she can pull them herself, but I just don’t know. Have the accidents and learn the hard way? Or have some pull ups for a leeway? Hm.

IN other news, our Chicago hosts have come down with a cold. I heard each of the girls sneeze today at least once, I am currently hoping that it was the sun that brought those sneezes on. Ahh, dual nap times are just precious. They girls are sleeping off their Chicago adventure. I sort of wish that I could have these dual nap times every day. I can just imagine what I would accomplish if I knew it was a guarantee. However, since I don’t know how long they will last or if they will happen I usually end up using the time looking at the internet and catching up that way. Doing things that can easily end and are totally luxurious.

Alright. I want to go work on a letter. Here are some photos from this morning’s party.

I know it’s hard to just focus on Morella and Athena’s cuteness with someone else’s mug smiling for the camera. But try!

It took a little while for all the kids to start warming up. Front and center is Karen, the next Mom in our playgroup to have a baby — due next month. It’s really interesting to see how our “little” playgroup is starting to grow. Some are having second children and twins, most of the Mom’s now have a job, and a plethora of activities outside of caring for super young children….Tim and I are getting there again. It’s been a long eight months, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, especially in regards to myself.

Full dance mode. It got HOT in there fast. I was sort of glad that we were by the backdoor to the meeting room so that I could jet at any moment. It’s hard to engage a toddler, and dance with a bouncy, energetic baby in your arms and stay cool.

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