First Poop in Big Potty

The potty training is in earnest now. No more diapers during the day. Yesterday Morella pooped in her morning/overnight diaper. This morning she went through it (slept in late) and all over her pajamas so she didn’t have the option of pooping in that diaper. When the time came for her frantic running around look for a quiet spot to poop, I convinced her to go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet while playing with a mini light projector I had gotten from Sigrid last night (dropped of some flowers, her dog died on Friday). It took two tries but it finally happened. One big turd in the potty. Soaking in toilet water before it got flushed down. The rest of the day was cake, just like yesterday. There have only been two “accidents” in that she will start to go and then freak out and get to the bathroom. Her panties only end up being a little wet and in today’s case I only needed to change the underwear. I should also note that it was worth paying the extra $2 bucks for the Princess cushy toilet seat cover. I wasn’t willing to buy Disney pull ups though because they only had Princess or Dora. Tim said to go ahead with the princess ones and promised he would put a spin on it that would convince her NOT to want to wear them all the time. We’ll see.

I did buy her more underwear today, so now she has a total of 10 pairs. Hurray! I also got myself 8 new lighters because Tim has a notorious habit of always loosing them. Fire and grilling season is upon us, not to mention I like to light candles sometimes and burn incense in the summer.

I just went though a massive pile of clothes sorting and organizing. I just found the couch again and the only clothes that remain are in one basket. I can totally take care of that tomorrow. Athena has three weeks worth of dresses that she could wear without wearing the same one again. It’s a tough because she is very close to crawling. What happens when she is at that stage? Bye bye cute dresses. :( Or you know, be a meanie and make her learn to crawl in a dress just like our female ancestors had to.

I am surprised at how sad I am about Morella finally “outgrowing” onsies. She was still able to wear the Carters 12 month onsies and had tons of room in the 18mo long sleeved ones. But a big girl doesn’t need onsies to keep up her diaper anymore on her skinny butt. She really is turning into a big girl. Sniff. Well, at least we save on diapers now right? She had started to wear disposable all the time about 3-4 months ago. She kept getting horrible rashes on her legs from chaffing. No matter how tight or snug we put the cloth diapers on they always sunk down under the weight of her pee. It sure didn’t help that she’s a stick and I’d love to see someone keep a bulky cloth diaper with inserts on a stick — an active one at that. She takes after her Mom and always likes to have a beverage within hands reach. So now we have one in cloth diapers and one in pullups (hopefully for not long? most of the time she wakes up with a dry diaper).

I also made an awesome rhubarb pie – the first of 2010. It’s so hard to just stick to one flaky piece of heaven…okay. I should go to bed. I wasn’t even going to post but then thought that a poop in the big potty deserved a post. I mean, this is big!

One thought on “First Poop in Big Potty

  1. Sarah

    Potty training *is* big, and I’m envious of Morella’s success at 2 1/2! We still have a long way to go, and Ruth’s almost three. She gets SO excited about the idea of big girl underwear, and nods and mm-hmms when I tell her she can have some when she learns to use the potty chair more and not have wet diapers…but it hasn’t really sunk in.

    Eh, babies do fine crawling in dresses if they’re not super long. If they come with matching pantaloons,I suppose the longer ones could be hemmed up a bit. Or you can mix and match pantaloons from other dresses. We did that with Ruth.

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