Holly is having her baby today. She called and gave me the passwords to set her vacation email and change her answering machine to an outgoing message. Apparently her water broke at 1.00 last night and then they went to the hospital. She sounded fine because three hours previous to the call, she said that the pain was absolutly unbearable and had to have an epidermal. Ouch. Is all I can think. Ouch. How the heck did SO many women do it before the 19th century? Our ancestors were absolutely amazing. We will get word when the baby is born….. wow. Already. It seems like yesterday that she told us she was pregnant.

Last night when we got home, we cleaned up. It was really easy, all we have left to do is vacuum and then I can really put away my stationary, craft stuff, etc. It’s even better than before the party now. We also got our first post Christmas card from Rachal and Mike. It’s a good thing because I did not have their address. I will work on mine later this week because Tim is flying out to Boston for two days tomorrow. So I am going to have plenty of time to play Suikoden (which I did last night while drinking wine and having a piece of cheese cake….there is NO food in our house currently) and write cards and letters to all my dear friends.

My wish of the week, is that I had someone to go Christmas shopping with other than Tim. Anyone want to go Christmas shopping with me? Please?

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