Good week

Today was a great end to a good week. Thank goodness! Yesterday, I watched Noah for a few hours while his mom Ann got some work done. Her nanny is currently out of town and considering all the favors I have asked of her, it was the least I could do. In fact, it was almost like I was getting a favor because I actually made headway in cleaning up and organizing the living room! They entertain each other leaving me to referee once in a while and just lug Neeners around. Eventually we went outside where they played by themselves some more before we went on a walk (so I could get Athena to sleep).

This morning I watched Cullen for a few hours while Hilary had a few hours to herself and it was equally awesome! Morella and Cullen kept each other occupied. It’s been a long time since I have watched Cullen and I was so impressed by how well he listened, understood directions and answered the questions I asked him. Same formula – we played a bit around the house until I got everyone dressed (myself included) and then headed outside. It was great because I ran around with the kids and then eventually took them on a 40 minute wagon ride while carrying Athena in the Bjorn so she would nap (which she did).

After they left, I didn’t feel like we needed to really go anywhere, so we stayed in. It was supposed to rain later, but it didn’t though it was overcast and grey. I still used it as a reason to watch the second Curious George movie (not as good as the first by far) and sit on the couch with Morella while eating popcorn, lettuce and bagel bits with blueberry cream cheese. Morella had only taken a 50 minute nap despite all the morning exercise, but she woke up in a good mood so I was okay with it. Eventually Athena woke up and we puttered. Morella filled up her latest potty chart and Tim had promised Owl sheets from Target so we were going to make a trip there after he got home from work. I decided that we would go out using a rebate gift card from our new internet to Oshy (a sushi/seafood buffet) for dinner before stopping at Target. Oh man that place is awesome. Neener was the more adventurous of the two and tried everything I gave her. It was funny how she started reaching over to Morella’s area to help herself to whatever was in grabbing distance. They fought over edamame! Athena was pounding it — I swear she ate a 1/2 a cup before I cut her off. To be honest I am afraid to see that diaper — even though I know logically it’s going to look just the same as it did going in. Still. Eww.

So Target didn’t have any owl sheets. :( Sucks because they totally did the last time we had been through that area. Tim convinced her to get some fairy sheets instead, and an Owl decorative pillow. We also bought another plastic bed cover. It’s not like we are really spoiling her….I mean we eventually need another set of special sheets (and mattress protector) for Athena. It just means that they are going to be all broken in by the time Athena gets to use them! It’s also nice to have a back up than the old ones that Tim used back in college, that I am almost positive that he brought from home. That would make them at least 20 years old. I was in a mood for spoiling and glanced at the Little People collection (nothing good) and Lego Duplo’s (again nothing good) and was really tempted to get more train stuff but I resisted. After all, garage sale season is upon us and there is absolutely no reason I should be buying any of this new. That’s the thrill of the hunt, you know? Even though I have no idea how I am going to garage sale with two little ones. Very carefully I suppose.

Anyway. We got home and put the kids to bed, then played Arkham Horror with the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion with Tim (tabletop card type game). It was the third time I offered to play the game with Tim and he was about to refuse me a third time…. ha hah a. We beat the game and here I have a little extra time to tell you all about it before going to bed.

I feel like I should do a potty update. You know for my own record if nothing else.
Thursday (OPTD 4 – official potty training day): Poop in potty – very difficult because she had constipation and it took at least four tries and no pants to get it done. I had even caved and let her wear a cloth diaper for awhile to see if that would help. She just took it off and said she didn’t need it before running around pantsless. A little poop got caught in her panties. She picked it up for me. Ew! Rest of the was great – even out in public. We had one accident where she didn’t pull her pants down far enough and got pee all over them at a coffee shop — but that is what extra pants and panties are for.

Friday OPTD 5 (Today): Total poop accident in pants, complete with pee. No constipation issues today. We talked about how yucky it was to poop in your panties while cleaning up the mess. Once again she touched poop, she spent a good 10 minutes washing her hands (and playing with water). Rest of the day was rock solid.

Oh crap I was going to see if Target had any more panties … toddler underpants just don’t equal a good load of laundry and 10 pairs is not enough to last more than 3 days it would seem. We have to return some dishwasher detergent tomorrow so I guess I can look then. OR … I can leave the kids home with Tim while I go do this myself. Ohhh….OR … he can do that and I can go to JC Penny and get underpants with a gift card that we had gotten from her grandparents. That might be the best idea of all.

My goodness I am now typing everything that pops into my head. That means it’s time for bed.

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