I have a little case of the blues today, probably brought on by the overcast day and .. oh heck I don’t know. Molecules.

Tim told me that he has a few things lined up for the next two weekends — and it’s a glaring reminder that I have nothing. I know, being a full time Mom to two little ones is hard work. I know I should get out there and do something, but right now leaving the house feels like it would be more like an eviction. The things I want to do are here. It’s just that when I am here I am also seemingly available. Ironically, I have that time in the evenings to do “them” — if only I felt like picking one to do, and was assured I could do it, and not get annoyed by the mess of having it out and the bother of putting it back until next time and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Things I want to remember:

–Athena is getting very mobile. She hates her exersaucer though. Very close to crawling. Is all over me after nursing sessions. Can almost pull herself up. Wakes up every night like clock work, a little after 11 to eat. Hates having her diaper changed. Loves her feet. Loves to take off socks and shoes. Doesn’t like throat hugs from her sister. Is afraid of balloons. Loves me. When she is engaging a stranger she will blink her eyes and turn her head away into my chest.

–Morella loves flowers and has been playing with fake flowers for the last two weeks. Today she bought a real red gerber plant she picked out and has it sitting on her bedside table. She loves making us food — especially apple pie. Everything is apple pie. She has a stand outside. She can also make eggs and soup. She just started pretend play this month. Real pretend play like eating non-existent food in the right situation. She gave herself a black eye by falling in Home Depot this evening. She likes markers. She drew on the floor with those markers and had to clean it up — big colorful circles.

Athena is howling — and has been for the last 10 minutes. Sigh. I had just fed her too. She just wants me to lay next to her and sleep. I guess I should go do that. I had like 10 minutes to write, right?

–Also Morella peed great all day (even in every public place we went to) but pooped her pants again this morning. We are thinking of getting some kind of book she can read to encourage pooping in the potty.

2 thoughts on “blues

  1. Jessiie

    Oh, carry some post it notes in your purse. Yaya was scared to death of those self flushing toilets and she was too little to block the sensor, so it would flush with her on the toilet and freak her out. A little post it note over the sensor eye and there is no flush until you are ready. I had to learn that one the hard way. It was a long time before I could get her to pee in public.

  2. Homemaker Man

    Good job Athena for getting ready to crawl and Morella for peeing. The pman is still not even walking fluently. He can stagger about 8 steps or so, but when he really wants to move, it’s still crawling.

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