On Friday I shelled out $25 bucks to join for six months. I read about it Redbook. Basically you get a grocery list and five dinner menus, one brunch and one dessert. It’s going to take the “What’s for dinner” out of my daily routine. The food is supposed to be kid friendly, interesting and easy to make. Sign me up! Oh wait, I did. It’s for six months. I am looking forward to the first email this upcoming Friday and trying it all out. I was a little inspired by that movie Julie and Julia — having a bit of a culinary adventure. It’s like having my own cook, right?

Today Tim fixed the lawnmower. The air filter and carburetor were clogged. Last year we paid a mute man down the street $45 dollars to fix it and I was all for it again but Tim said no. He put his foot down, went to Home Depot to buy a siphoner, a new air filter from Ace, and borrowed socket wrenches from Laima (ooops, we still have those Laima) and eventually he fixed it. He is still in disbelief over the whole thing, since he’s a pretty unhandy man. I hope that this is the first step in change though. I keep telling him that the hardest part of doing any home improvement or fix it type tinkering is to just go ahead and do it. To start and figure it out as you go.

I wanted to remember the other morning. Tim was chasing Morella down the hall in the morning. She didn’t want to be chased anymore. She stopped 1/2 to her room turned around and walked into the living room. She then pointed one little towards the door and told Tim “Go to work! Go to work Dada!”

Tim and I busted out laughing. She was very serious about kicking him out of the house. Tim started laughing with his mouth covered in disbelief and walked down the hall. A minute later Morella covered her mouth and mock laughed following him. It was hilarous! She was making fun of him! Just like she’ll make fun of Neener’s when she is really upset.

Speaking of Neener’s, she wants her 11-12 feeding.

One thought on “Groceries

  1. Sleep late... dream more

    Ooooohhhhh *that* is where those socket wrenches went!!!! I’d like them back, plz. I’m working on some stuff that needs those tools….. and Oh-Em-Geee your rhubarb pie was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. i hope to some day bake a pie that delicious!!!!

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