On Wednesday’s I take a shower in the morning. Morella slept in this morning and got us up at 7:22. Awesome. It’s weird though how both of them usually wake up at the same time, it happened yesterday at nap time too. We have Monona story time this morning followed by playing at the park until noon. Come back, eat lunch and take a nap.

A few Athena notes:

–She sat up yesterday evening from back lying position all by herself. She rolled over to tummy, then pushed herself up.
–She held up a phone to her ear – three times so it wasn’t just a fluke
–She went shirt diving last night for the first time!
–Showed jealousy for me last night when Morella came into my room after she (Athena) had already gone to bed, to tell me about about her bike ride with daddy. She cried and wanted her out!

~~~~Later — dang I poured myself two cups of coffee … it’s that kind of a morning folks ~~~~

Athena is having a hard time pooping solids. Poor girl. I’m having a hard time keeping up with her crabby attitude about it. Everyone poops Neeners! Oh that was another one

–Morella is now saying “Neeners”

I made an appointment for May 10th to address the mysterious achy body feelings I have been getting. It feels like an all over ache, like when you have the flu except for no other symptoms. It’s so hard to move, and being physical seems to make it worse. Even so, I have made an effort to take walks and get more exercise (as well as more calcium and potassium) in case it’s one of those things that gets better with exercise and you just have to work through the initial pain. Yesterday morning it was awful and I feel so cranky. My joints hurt, and my arms and legs fall asleep even though they are in normal positions and I’m extra sensitive to cold things and touch. I took some ibuprofen before lunch and laid down the entire naptime reading — but the end of it I felt a ton better. Like it went away, though really I could feel it’s presence lurking beneath. Maybe it’s my thyroid? I hear it is common to have problems with that after pregnancy. In any case, it’s a better option than thinking about more sinister causes. I have had it for a month now. Maybe it’s a lingering virus? I don’t know.

Okay time to get some little people dressed and out the door, and for me to drink my two cups of coffee. One cold an one hot.

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