Photos and Athena Crawls

Athena and our Chicago friend Rachel.

Or should I say, “Athena and her new Mommy”

Morella is appalled at Wishbone.

Eric and Kate put Neeners to sleep. I think they are baby whisperers.

Yesterday afternoon. Sigh. I think the blurs speak for the mess…or does the mess speak for the blurs? I am not sure. In any case, this is two days of not completely picking up after these guys. You should see if it if I wasn’t trying at all! Egads.

The biggest news of all!

ATHENA CRAWLED! Hurray Athena!

One thought on “Photos and Athena Crawls

  1. Sarah

    Rachel and Athena look so beautiful!

    Man, I’m such a stepping-on-stuff, tripping-on-stuff klutz that we pretty much have to pick up every evening. And sometimes I do a pre-pickup during naptime if things are bad. I’d go nuts otherwise, and probably severely hurt myself.

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