I am so bored. There is nothing for me to really do this week. For once in a long long time, I have no idea what I could be doing. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough at things I *could* be doing because I have been doing things that needed to be done quickly on a day to day basis, and December is just a slow time.

Last night we decided not to go grocery shopping because Tim was feeling bad about his bad haircut. He just lets to stupid women guilt trip him into bad hair cuts! Currently his hair is the shortest I have ever seen it. Ever! I told him next time I was going to go with and stand there and watch. When the woman would start to guilt trip him, I would interupt and remind her that he is not her husband, but mine and therefore his hair will look the way I want it to look. Or, I will cut it myself, and no…I do not know how to cut hair, but I bet I could do a better job than they are. So, we ended up having tofu stirfry for dinner, which incidentally will be my dinner tonight too. Afterward I played Suikoden until bedtime.

I got the tickets and program in the mail for Saturnilia this Saturday. I have no idea what I am going to wear, I am hoping that when Sigrid and Matt come I will be inspired in some way to think of something that looks really cool. Boys are easy to dress up for these kinds of events. Girls have to work at it a little harder.

Tim is leaving on the 5.45 flight out to Boston today, and returning tomorrow night. He is going to drop off the film from the party today, so I can pick it up tomorrow. Then I will have something to do, scanning and rendering images later this week. Plus he is going to work on the story part for the House on the Rock trip we did in November. The pictures and everything is ready, I just need dialogue.

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