Glorious Spring Weekend

I had a glorious spring weekend with my little family. This is the weekend I had dreamed of before having children of what it would be like. These past two days are the days that make winter bearable. Oh it was so nice.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and went to Token Creek State Park, to attend a memorial birthday party for a dearly departed dog. It was a little strange to be there without our Pluto, but it was nice to see other greyhounds and for the girls to be around dogs for awhile. Morella knows she had a dog, and often time still thinks he is here. But when he isn’t here, she says he is at a friends taking a nap. Today she mentioned that he is sick. Sigh. Tim had commented that it felt like we were the infertile couple at a playgroup, seeing as we had no dog. I thought it was a little ironic because none of the other people there with their dogs had children.

After the party we got into the and drove to one of the play structures on the grounds. Here we stayed for a good two hours enjoying the sun, playing in the sand and swinging. I wanted to stay there forever and just enjoy the company of Tim and the girls.

Eventually we did leave. Came home and I took the girls up two blocks to a garage sale and scored Morella a real metal tricycle, with a push handle, a basket and the pedals allow the child to put their feet on them without having to pedal — for $10. Now Morella just has to learn how to steer and we’ll be set. After a lunch of baked beans and eggs in a basket, the girls napped. I went and grocery shopped for my first week of It’s was liberating to put my faith in a grocery list I did not make, for recipes I myself did not find. I am looking forward to surrendering completely to our culinary experiment to see where it takes us. After naptime and dinner (fishsticks and salad) we went on a long bike ride. Oh I am saddle sore…it’s going to take a while to get used to sitting on a bike seat. After all, it’s been almost three years.

Today we went on another bike ride to Daisy Cupcakery for lunch (though we got breakfast food) then played at Circle park and a nearby school playground before heading home for naps. They naps were short so we were able to attend a birthday get together at Ella’s Deli and eat some ice cream from a monstrous Sundae. They have a carousal which Morella got to ride twice! She is still very serious about riding on carousals. I don’t know where she gets it. If you were to see her on the horse, you would think she isn’t having fun at all. Instead she is busy soaking in every second and probably memorizing the experience. Athena, however wasn’t that impressed and instead showed me how she could ride with no hands.

After that I finished my big weekend project — moving the crib out of Morella’s room and into our room. No easy feat, as it required a lot of cleaning, reorganizing and carpentry. Tim’s weekend project was catching up on laundry and drying it all on the clothesline, as well as mowing the lawn. I don’t know what I would do without him and his laundry skills. Probably what I was doing, and not do it. The way I see it, we all have a ton of clothes that never get worn. Here is our chance to wear every single item of clothing we have, whether it looks good or not.

I’m a little sad about Athena in the crib. No more cosleeper, no more freely letting her sleep snuggled next to me all night long. But you know, it was getting hard. My arms were falling asleep, I couldn’t roll over on my tummy as much and I am sure that any movement in the bed was probably prompting an early morning feed. She could sit up and crawl — making it unsafe to ever leave her alone. I don’t know. She was so tired tonight that I was able to feed her and switch her to the crib without complaint. I guess we’ll see how the night goes. I expect I’ll be getting less sleep than I accustomed too. A part of me wishes that we had the guts to have just bunked her in with Morella right away and figure out how they would both sleep, and how I would go in there to feed her twice a night without everyone waking up or being miserable. But this is our new solution. The crib is in our room, at least for the next 5 months. I said Tim could get a dog after his brother’s wedding – at which point Athena would get kicked out and the dog would move in. I hope by that point Athena will be old enough to sleep through most of the night, and share a room with her sister.

I felt so trapped the last couple of days. I couldn’t leave her alone at all, or let her fuss herself to sleep for fear that she would fall of the bed and crack her head open. She could also crawl out of the cosleeper, so that wasn’t a deterrent either. She needed to be in the crib. End of story. Now that she is there, and only two feet away from me in bed, I still miss her. She’s no longer a teeny little baby. It’s just amazing how fast they change once they hit 8 months. Maybe it’s because I just saw how fast that happens with Morella, and it was so recent that I know what I am in for…or maybe we are all just having a super good time.

Potty training — I think we can call her successfully trained now, crawling, crib sleeping, solid poops — my girls are growing up.

I was going to add photos to this post…but

“With crawling comes great responsibility.”

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