Ok. Let’s see. On Saturday my newly fixed chipped tooth thing, chipped off. Leaving me back to where I started, but at least the actual filling didn’t come out. I guess that happens. And here I was all happy because I thought I was almost finally, all done. But no.

Friday night was the Season of Enchantment party at Tim’s company’s bosse’s mansion. The crazy lady’s house is seriously filled to the brim with expensive crap. Tons of it. Hardly any open space…which is okay. I mean our house is kind of filled with stuff…but hers is all expensive and layered on each other, set perfectly….to look..well…perfect. The biggest thrill of the night..for me at any rate, was discovering the stuffed pony in the Southwest/Native American room. Folks, when I say stuffed pony, I am talking about a pony that once was living and then taxidermied, complete with it’s mane, tail and hooves (which were glued, or nailed down to a skateboard rolling type thing). I could not believe what I was seeing…oh and it was wearing a saddle.

The dinner was okay. Full of mushrooms. I am so fucking tired of everyone including mushrooms in their “elegant” meals of late. At least I could eat the chicken and some of the potatoes…everything else had freaking mushrooms. Tim liked it though. There was chololate raspberry cheese cake and mango sorbet for dessert. The sorbet was good. I had lots of wine and got tipsy and enjoyed that smoke outside of her house, in the warm glow of a thousand lights, and five or six inflated snowmen, santas and reindeer.

Saturday I woke up feeling slightly hungover. Took some advil, drank some water and slept it off. When I finally did get up, my nose kept itching and filling with snot. I took an antihistimane and immediately felt tired and mellow the rest of the day. Sigrid and Matt were supposed to come at around two..but then they called them to say they were coming more around 5.00. We took the opportunity to go shopping, like *we* had intended to earlier but didn’t because Tim was attached to the Mech game. Getting him to vacuum or do anything was like pulling teeth because he had to do work instead of “lounging around”. Our house looking like shit is not a problem for him until guests actually arrive. In any case, went shopping and pick up like two or three more gifts at Target and got food. It was great because all lunch items we ever eat were on sale. I also bought a toy…a micro mascot. Which is apparently the micropets ripoff. 8) Mine is a penguin though. It was a total impulse buy because I didn’t feel well standing in line.

Got home and unpacked and immediately started wrapping the wine glasses and wine for Sigrid and Matt and was ALMOST done when the door rang. Yah! We talked, rested, ordered Chinese, opened presents and cards, showed Sigrid my craft stuff and tried to teach her to crochet, got dressed and finally made our way out the door to Saturnilia IV. The transportation there was perfect, the bus to the train, the train to the connect…we didn’t wait for more than one minute total. It was awesome, and I wish that it could be like that all the time. We entered the Centruim and was greeted with more gothic posturing than I had seen in my entire lifetime. All together in one place. Downstairs was the prom (DJ area) and upstairs in the main room was the band area, and vendors. There were so many outfits and craziness to look at, I can’t even begin to describe it.

For the most part, we drank, sat, looked at people, danced, watch Matt DJ (he did a great set and even gave me a copy of the CD and signed it!!!!) wahoo, drank some more and eventually ended up back up stairs to watch God Module play. I had no expectations, but when they started, I found I actually really liked them. Unfortunately the fates were not with them as everything went wrong with their set on the part of the sound, monitors and stuff. So they gave up….even though they tried for like four songs. Besides everyone was getting kicked out at three anyway. SO…I felt sorry for them and bought a CD. They came all the way from Florida that day or the day before and had to leave the next morning for that show, and it sucked. They were sold out of the full version so I got the EP and had them sign it. They were really nice.

We got home at four, and no one threw up, passed out or burned themselves.

Saturday we all slept in really late, and then ate leftover chinese food and talked some more. We decided not to go shopping because it was dark out at 3.30 and just not in the mood. Sigrid and Matt left at 5.00 and were going to stop at Ikea on the way home. I tried and tried to convince Tim to take me too, but my request was denied. 8( Then I played Suikoden III until bed time and …went to bed.

Today Tim is going to get the stamps, and I am going to take the Christmas party film to be developed. Oh, and I got request to add a guest book…but no. Thanks. Not gonna do that. I hate guest books…if you want to comment please…email me. I can always post it here. I just think that guest books are vanity posting… “OH PLEASE sign my guest book and tell what a wonderful job/person/thing I am!” Gush, gush …gag.

Although comments are appreciated. 8)

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