To say it was a little windy today is an understatement. It looked like a tornado went through our back yard. We had at least 4 big branches and a million little ones littering the grass. At least it wasn’t as bad this morning when we started our play date. It was awesome. Free range of a great park, goodies, sleeping baby for part of it, sunny …ahh. A little piece of heaven. I felt a little like I was on summer vacation or camping. Just looking for ways to enjoy myself on a beautiful day. It’s days like this that I am more than glad that I am a SAHM. It makes it worth all those hard days when the kids are endlessly sick, the house is trashed, I don’t know what to make for dinner and I probably have a headache. Or rather, I will take it as an exchange rate….no I take that back. There are way more better days overall then there are bad. Especially now that Neeners is a little older. Morella ate it up. She ran all morning, shoeless — back and forth, pushing balls in swings, running with the other kids, occasionally coming to get a snack.

Oh this morning I gave her an inflatable beach ball because she had pooped on the potty herself, without being prompted (the big potty even), wiped and flushed. She’s actually done this a few times now, but I wanted to encourage this great behavior so I gifted her. She immediately fell in love with her “meatball.” Yes, you read that right. I can’t for the life of me get her to call it anything other than a meatball.

Morella’s molars are still not through. At dinner time she refused to come and eat and instead went to her room. After about five minutes I called to her to come and eat and she started screaming. Tim went into her room to better hear her and she yelled “I’m sick! I’m sick!” She gestured vaguely to her head and just cried. Poor dear! I gave her some tylenol and hylands teething tablets, and Tim calmed her down and said she didn’t have to eat and that she could lay in her bed as long as she wanted. She never did eat dinner. She helped Athena take a bath and then decided she wanted one herself. She even let me wash her hair! After I got her jammies on and she was walking out the door – noticed a bug crawling on a wall storage thing by her door. She pointed it out and said “Bee.” I looked at it and thought it was a spider, but it seemed a little squat. I leaned down and got a closer look. It was a wood tick. I called Tim in to take care of it and for a moment thought “Yuck, wood ticks. I hate wood ticks. Is it worth going to that awesome park … yes. Yes it is. Besides at my Dad’s she’ll be covered in them after on hour.” Tim ended up burning it.

Oh that reminds me. I have a solution for my ant problem in the garden. Alex, one of the Dad’s at the play group said his Mom suggests, “When you have ants in your house, to just ask the ants to leave.”

Hm. I will admit. I have not yet tried that particular method. We do have some ants in the bathroom, or at least we did. I’ll go look and see if they are still there so I may politely ask them to leave. He wasn’t sure if this particular method would work on a garden…I guess it sure wouldn’t hurt to try though. I wonder if the ants will be able to detect sincerity?

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