Mobile Photo Dump

A few photos from my phone over the past couple of weeks.

Morella will sometimes turn into a bag toddler. Once she realizes that we are going to leave the house, she’ll desperately search around for stuff to take with her. On this particular outing, we were going to take a walk to the nearby grocery store to get a “no nut” (donut). It took me a little while to leave, which gave her plenty of time to gather more stuff.

She reminds me of this woman who used to live in the Menomonie area. My Mom called her The Bag Lady. She was what looked to be a homeless person living in rural Wisconsin, and played the part by carrying lots of bags of various things with her wherever she went. She often hitchhiked, or just walked along side the road picking up trash or pop cans. It was also rumored that she was actually really rich and just liked to live this life. I imagine that these sorts of local legends are quite common.

Now, these next three photos are from last Monday at the “red park” (the playground equipment is red). Morella, Noah and Kian all climbed into Noah’s hurly. It took me awhile to get a good photo of the three of them. I didn’t like that Morella looked so pinched and worried. I know that she looked worried because she was worried. She was worried that she wouldn’t be taken for bike ride. Noah’s Mom Ann, was kind enough to take them for a little ride down the side walk and back. So Morella’s doubts were for nothing. However, upon closer inspection of these photos — it looks more like the sun was in her eyes. Sure she is still worried, but not as bad I thought by looking at the 1×1 inch photo on my cell phone display.

And finally …. we have the winner.

Last Friday after a playdate I took the kids to HyVee to buy some more Morella milk. I scored a car cart and realized that Athena was probably old enough to ride in it with Morella. I plopped her in, put her belt and on and sure enough — she was ready! Finally! I don’t have to feel so guilty for taking the car cart when I have just one driving it (as opposed to just being pregnant, or having Athena’s carseat in the cart part with Morella riding in the front).

Athena loved it, and Morella was bemused with Athena’s joy at riding the cart. I loved looking at the back of their fuzzy little heads.

Last Thursday, Hilary informed me that her neighborhood was having their annual garage sales. Though the notice came late, I got the kids ready and met up with Emily and her son Leo to hit up a few. Here we see Morella and Leo sitting on a little $3 bench that I did not buy, but did use for a photo op.

Morella at a Gazebo. We had just finished looking and following some geese around.

Last Friday night, Tim and I witnessed an Athena first together. She pulled herself completely up to standing and stood for several minutes, even taking a few steps (!) and bouncing up and down. She has been working on that by trying to pull up on us when we are withing reach, or whatever else she can get too, but this was her first full on stand. Amazing. She only just learned now to sort of crawl and now she is working on standing and took a few steps? Wow. Tim has a feeling that she is going to be an early walker.

Maybe all that energy that could be used to grow teeth is being shuffled to her gross motor skills.

Anyway. There we have it. Today was a nice day. I went to a garage sale by myself this morning and got some puzzles and clothes for a friend of mine (I even delivered them on my way home!), had a wonderful girls lunch out with Morella and Athena at Cool Beans, had a nice family breakfast and dinner, and … here is the big one … got the biggest gift since my turning old camera … an Ipad. Wow. Watch out world, I might be blogging more! As if you all wanted/needed that. Hey I might even start returning emails in a timely manner. It’s like having a piece of the future in my grubby little hands. I feel like I am living in a science fiction novel having such a fancy piece of technology.

They were out of covers, so I am thinking of whipping up something myself, maybe tomorrow. Just a quick something, I do have my sewing machine table cleared off, so it wouldn’t be that hard…and I have some box board that I could sew in between cloth for sturdiness, hm. Must think on this some more. At least until I make or buy something better.

Meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mom’s out there.

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