–I would really like a pedicure

–I went to the doctor yesterday and she suspects my ache problems are a result of anemia. I can believe this.

–I had a great mothers day – I got an awesome gift, we did lots of yardwork and I got lasagna for dinner.

–Turbulent times over here because the DH is considering a new job, which would require us to be risk takers. If you know anything about us, you should know that we aren’t big risk takers. However, the pursuit of happiness often requires some risk, right?

–Morella’s favorite TV show right now Max and Ruby…or “Max and Booby.” She also likes Jack’s Big Music Show.

–I am sick of this rain and cold. When is Spring really going to be here? I am ready for some summer like weather!

–I need new glasses and contacts. Who wants to make that appointment for me and watch the kids while I go?

–Athena stood up (doing a down dog) in the middle of the living room yesterday. Maybe she will be walking before I know it.

–Athena is also in the height of the Stranger Danger phase. I didn’t think her separation anxiety could get any heavier but I was wrong. You are doomed if you are 1. Male and 2. Male with facial hair. You should be okay if you are 1. a kid or 2. Female (but only feminine females ….lol…where did THAT come from?)

–I really need to go grocery shopping but I don’t feel like taking two kids along with me to do that. Sigh.

–I would also like to take a shower. I wonder if I could pile everyone into the bathroom and pull open a drawer full of interesting, but non chokeable stuff that they could make a mess with, while I shower. What do you think? Give it a go? Maybe if I have a shower I’ll feel up to do some other stuff around here.

–I wish I wasn’t such a pansy about change. I wasn’t always like this, but it’s so true that the older you get the harder it is to accept change. At least for me. Hm. Maybe up to a certain point…at time the scale shifts more into the “have nothing to lose” category instead of “having a lot to lose.”

Upcoming – Athena’s 9 Month photo and update.

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