9 Month Athena

It is so hard to choose between images…I like the second one more but I think the first one is better for the montage because it’s more of face on image.

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Athena at 9 Months

-Your baby book is practically untouched, why is why it is imperative that I at least write these down here, so I can print them out and “scrapbook” them in. ;)
-You can crawl (sort of like a monkey — not the traditional four point crawl)
-You can pull yourself up to standing…and bounce
-You love to stand up on Daddy, Me and even Morella if she will let you
-You love to be in the middle of whatever it is Morella is doing and “investigate”
-You can ride in a grocery cart pretty good
-Huge case of Stranger Danger — only Daddy, Me, Morella and Karen seem to be okay. Other women for a short while. Hurray! It means you are very bonded with us.
-Can clap
-No real baby signs yet..but you seem to understand milk and it sort of looks like have tried ‘all done’ this past week
-Likes to put stuff in your mouth
-Loves to try and drink Morella’s vanilla soy in her sippy
-Favorite foods include…uh…anything but banana’s, waffles, toast or mini pancakes
-You like to shake your head back and forth — it’s cute (and yes for a short while I worried maybe you had vision problems and were trying to hone in on your 3D vision)
-You don’t really like the exersaucer and barely use it. I wasn’t expecting that. I thought all babies loved being in one of those — Morella loved it and still goes in it every now and then. Not you. You screech to get out, and me being the sucker I am, take you out and plop you on the floor. You are happier there.
-I am sorry you are being exposed to TV shows like Max and Ruby, Yo Gabba and Sesame Street at such a young age. I try to keep you entertained or out of the field of vision while your older sister indulges.
-You are now sleeping in a crib (in our room) which we started doing two weeks ago — so far so good!
-You like to go to sleep in the complete dark, and nursing
-You nurse at around: 11:30 at night, 4:30AM, 7:00AM, 10-11AM, 1-2PM, 5-6PM, 8:00PM. I love nursing you — it’s one of the best privileges I have had being your Mom.
-Your favorite place in the house is Morella’s room
-You are in 12 mo clothing
-Your hair is all grown in
-Your cheeks are as chompable as ever
-You are an awesome little baby -and well all love you
-Nicknames we use right now: Neeners, Neen’s, Athena, Weeha and sometimes Firestarter because your rub your feet together about 60% of the day
-You hate wearing socks or shoes
-Your favorite toy is whatever Morella is playing with
-Lastly, you hate to poop solids

I don’t know how much you weigh or how long you are until Thursday for your 9 month well baby. Do you get shots at that appointment? I forget. I hope not!

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