Athena’s 9 Month Dr. Appointment

I am very happy to report that Athena is one healthy little baby girl. She weighs 19 pounds and 10 oz, and is 29 inches long. I am so glad that they don’t give shots at the 9 month appointment. It’s great that it coincides with the height of their stranger danger phase because doing something like that now would surely scar her for … well months. ;)

I am so sick of this cold and wet weather we have been having. I’m talking 45 degree days … when it’s supposed to be at least 60. I agree that we needed the rain. I don’t mind that. I do mind the cold, furnace still has to be one, no one wants to play outside weather. It has made a huge difference on the kids too. We haven’t left the house much this week and as payment Morella only wants to watch TV and stay up late. One night she partied until 10:15 PM. It’s ridiculous! I did get out today though – went to a couple garage sales after Athena’s dr appointment on our way home and then for an hour long walk in the evening.

There has been a little turmoil around this house the past two weeks so many of the projects I have wanted to work on have been tossed aside. These include things like birthday packages that are wrapped .. but need to be put in mailing boxes and then hauled to the post office (I have three), to cleaning the house (I haven’t tried very hard at all), working on my afghan, to numerous other projects. Instead I spend what little time I have in the evenings reading, watching TV or looking at the computer. I think it part it is because of the anemia — I have started taking extra iron supplements and I threw out those prenatals and exchanged it for a different multivitamin. I think I am starting to feel better. I have a little more energy, not as many headaches and my knees don’t hurt as much.

Athena has been a terrible sleeper this whole week too. I think I am just tired by the end of the day. Well, that and the weather. I feel so much more creative and alive when it’s warm. Judging by the forecast it looks like I might get that wish.

Kid tidbits I want to remember: Morella really likes Go Dogs Go, my Ipad, music games, and a little 10 cent princess costume I got her today. She says “pincess.” She also hates the train horn and dogs barking at night. She wears a sweater over her jammies because she doesn’t like blankets. When you pick her she likes to stick a hand down your shirt (or Tim’s). She has been brimful of hugs and kisses lately and experiencing separation anxiety when I leave. I wonder if that’s contagious from Athena … or maybe I am just that awesome.

Athena hates hates hates to get dressed and have her diaper changed. We all (sans Tim) took a bath this morning so I could kill three birds with one stone .. .er bathtub. She was so funny in the bathtub. I think she would love swimming. I hope I can take her this summer….maybe with the new mother’s helper. Whenever I figure out who that is going to be. Or leave one at home so I can one to the pool with me. I just don’t see how I can do it myself, you know? I do see a lot of time in the backyard in our kiddie pool. I just hope it’s warm enough this summer that I can actually do that.

Why am I still up? Athena is going to get me up like 10 more times tonight…I should be getting some winks while I can. Right?

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