Gardens, compliments and garage sales

My head is bursting with post ideas. You know how it is when you are away from the computer, out there living life, doing things – you are making great fodder for blogs. However, if one goes to long they get overwhelmed by how much they did and then it becomes one big list.

Truth be told, I don’t blog about most of the things I do. I think it’s fair to say that I lead a pretty busy life. It’s not at all like it was two or even three years ago, and definitely not like when we first moved back to Madison. For the most part, I don’t feel overwhelmed by it. When I need a break, I take it. I stay home, or just go and do things with the kids that I want to do, or do something and then just leave when I want to. I did that last Wednesday. Story time at Monona library was over. Morella was crabby, and Athena was the baby (she had no real input). I left afterward instead of staying to socialize and let Morella play with the stuff there. It was cold out, but I took her to the park anyway and walked around with her exploring. We lasted about 20 minutes and then went home. It was so nice to just … be able to leave. I think it was the most valuable skill I learned in college. I can’t tell you how many lame parties, bad concerts, and awkward get togethers I had to endure.

We got in our garden today. Yesterday I happened to find myself at the Hilldale Farmers Market with my friends, the Spencers. You see, I had driven all the way over to the west side to attend a baby shower only to discover upon arrival that the shower was next weekend. At least I saved myself some embarrassment by calling Tim to check my Facebook account for event details before knocking on the door with the kids in tow. I was tipped off by the distinct lack of cars and a bored cat sitting in their bay window. Thankfully the Spencers were just about to leave their house for some adventure.

I bought some plants – three tomatoes, an egg plant, and a pepper, as well as three flowers that Morella picked out and some cheese that I just now remembered is my diaper bag. Nuts! Anyway, after that we headed to Bean Sprouts to check it out. The staff there was awesome. Super accommodating, wonderfully kid friendly and okay food. I wish this joint was on the East side instead of in Middleton — the prices were reasonable as well. I’m getting off track here.

The pepper, flowers and eggplant went into the garden. We also planted green beans and sugar snap peas, and I transplanted some lavender that was in danger (I didn’t realize shasta daisies would get so big … so fast). We are going to put a tomoto patch in the front by the daisies. They will get lots of great sun and less grass to mow. First we need to be responsible citizens and call the diggers hotline. Sigh. I hope they come before the plants die. Morella was very helpful in planting the seeds with me. Athena crawled all over the garden. She loved playing in the dirt, and even tasted it. Both children got a bath that left a layer of yuck all over tub. I didn’t get a chance to water the plants today, but I guess I can do that tomorrow. I think the hardest part of the garden is going to be keeping the kids *out* of it now.

Compliments – I got a wonderful compliment today from a complete stranger. I took the girls to Hyvee to try out their breakfast on a tip from a fellow blogger (she said they had good breakfast). It was cheap – $7 bucks for a buffet, plus they made fresh omelets and pancakes. I was sitting across from Morella in her booster seat, picking at her food and Athena lounging in her high chair nomming on some pancake and pineapple when one of the employees walked past. She had helped me get the seats for the kids, and was overall super nice. Well she smiled at Morella and gave her a kids plastic cup. I told Morella to say thank you, which she did, with a smile.

The woman asked Morella, “Are you having fun? You have such a nice Mom.” Then she looked at me and said “You are such a good mother.”

I was a little taken aback. “Oh thank you,” I stuttered. “How can you tell?”
“Oh,” she said “You can just tell. I see a lot of kids here .. and you just are patient with them, and are nice to them and … well I see a lot of kids…and there are so many….”

“Oh, a lot of kids come here?” I asked, trying to change the subject a little and looked around.
“I work here only on Sunday’s,” she replied. “Yeah we get a lot of kids.” She started to walk away. I thanked her again and looked back at a bored Morella and agitated Neeners (stranger looking at her).

There you have it. I think that was one of the most sincere, heartfelt compliments I have ever gotten. It almost seemed like the woman was getting teary eyed too. Of course a sick part of me wants to see just how bad other Mom’s could be in a short amount of time eating out at Hyvee’s, but then again I read honestbaby and I know what other kind of Mom’s there are out there.

Lastly, I was going to address garage sales, but it’s almost midnight and I’m tired. Suffice to say, it’s in full swing and I am treasure finding heaven. Also, I apparently have a meeting tomorrow regarding my new station as a treasurer of a local Mom’s club that I don’t really participate in.

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