Stomach Bug

Today I got to experience the joy of diarrhea and the potty trained girl. Oh the smell was awful and it wall all over her pants. She had to have a quick bath to clean that off. She had a tummy ache all day and has barely eaten anything and was having a rough time of it this evening. She was upset when she pooped in her pull up this evening and dismayed at the lingering smell in her room. Tim had to spray air freshener in her room until she said said it smelled okay. I hope this clears up by tomorrow. I think today was the second day of it, as she was complaining about tummy aches and not eating much yesterday as well.

We watered our garden today using watering cans. I can see this as a summer long project that she is going to love. Sanctioned water use. I am so looking forward to Wednesday’s weather — bring on the heat! I always lose weight in the summer without trying too hard. I think it’s that heat reduces the appetite, being outside a lot and how the sun burns calories.

One of the Mom’s in our playgroup is being induced tomorrow. I am thrilled about the arrival of the new baby boy — largely because now there will be another Mom with two kids. Of course the other Mom that is expecting is having twins in July and will be the first with multiples and three kids. Yowza. You know as summer is here, and Athena is older — I still don’t feel that pang to have another newborn baby. Maybe it will come in a few more years as we leave these baby days behind…we’ll see. I am really enjoying Athena’s independence and desire to learn to walk.

Gah, I gotta go to bed. Morella is sick and that means it might be a long night.

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