Friday I took a half day and went to see Lord of the Rings. Tim had taken the whole day off, had a morning appointment with El Docktor and then met me at the theatre (saving a spot for me). I got there with five minutes to spare and started to watch 15 million previews. Wow, they certainly took advantage of the big audience draw in that movie…I am kind of worried how many previews will be there next year, at least 45 min worth, I am sure. In any case, Lord of the Rings rocked. Gollum was fucking awesome. Afterward we went home, and I took a nap, and then got up later to play more Suikoden III.

Saturday, got up…but had a the beginnings of a head ache. We had to pick up our car at the Saturn dealership, which means we had one hell of a public transport adventure a head of us. I couldn’t find my hat, so wore a scarf. Halfway there, the headache I tried to stem got worse and I had to take more medicine. By the time we finally got our car, and I had a jelly donut, I was in a haze. No mood to do anything, even though Tim drove me to the only fucking walmart in the Chicago area…and it was packed. I mean seriously packed and people were honking their horns for no other reason than they could. I told him to just go home. I wasn’t in the mood for any shopping. He said we would go on Sunday earlier. I liked that idea. At home, we managed to get a parking spot on our OWN street! I took a nap until 9.00 or so. Felt a lot better.

Did dishes and putzed around a bit before we went to the Red Line to see Quatre Tete for Grrlfest. Yah. Had beer, watched three bands, and talked with Bekah (the bass player in Quatre Tete) and then thought about a late night burrito. Decided against it, and went home to bed. Got up the next day, went to IHOP (the most interracial place I have ever been too) and then to Target for shopping. Tim went to Best Buy to get my little bro a gameboy and a game..and Babylon five for me. 8) Awesome. I got shit for my family, while Tim sipped a white cherry freezy thing in the cafe…stressfree.

Went home. Baked cookies and stuff, watched the first two episodes to Babylon Five (boy it WAS rusty in the beginning). Wrapped some presents…which reminds me I need to “borrow” more scotch tape from work because I seemed to have misplaced mine at home. Went to bed. Next day, is today. Here I am. Bored. I can leave early today…I think around 1.00. Go home. Decorate cookies…wrap some more crap…play some more Suikoden…or watch some TV? I wonder what’s on.

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