Month of Tim: Day 4

Today is the fourth day in the Month of Tim. He is out checking out some bike gear (having taken his bike) and both of the girls are asleep. It’s been a little weird having him home. For one, he wants to “get stuff done” during the day. I haven’t yet reached that sweet spot where I feel completely comfortable with him getting stuff done at the expense of me still doing the bulk of childcare. That isn’t right. I mean, he is doing a lot in terms of helping out with the kids and getting stuff done around the house — it’s just that I want my priorities to take place first. Does that make sense? I guess at this point it still feels like an extended weekend instead of the work week. That said, it’s been awesome having him around because I got to sleep in for two days in a row now. Today wasn’t as long because a sudden thunderstorm happened this morning catching us all by surprise.

Also, Morella is still feeling the effects of the rotovirus she had last week. She can’t wear panties without having explosive bouts of “donna-wee-ya”. There are lots of trips to bathroom to clean up poopy pullups, and the training potty. Meanwhile, Athena is inexplicably clingy. I can’t see any teeth coming through, and her poops and eating are just fine so I am not sure what the deal is. I am starting to think that she might have used up all her teething power on that one tooth she was born with, and will never grow any more teeth. She is doomed to live a life as a one toothed wonder. While it’s cute in a baby, I’m not sure what her dating chances are when she’s a young woman.

Oh no, the after school buses are driving loudly by and Athena is doing that classic yelping baby cry. Go back to sleep baby! I need more time to do a proper post! Ugh, this morning it took me 45 minutes to send a stupid email regarding playgroup tomorrow. I had to take Morella to the bathroom three times, change Athena’s diaper and get her dressed, and then hold her off and on while I tried to peck out a message, all while answering Morella’s numerous questions. The email wasn’t even that long!

Sigh. She is getting louder.

I guess to sum it up, right now I am wondering how best to navigate this awesome opportunity with Tim being home and how I can really get some “vacation” time for me. More later…I hope.

One more thing, we are looking into buying a new car and it’s hard. We have little confidence in navigating the hardcore salesman field. Oh crap, her crying is waking up Morella.

2 thoughts on “Month of Tim: Day 4

  1. Sarah

    I kind of know what you mean. Dave likes to get big stuff done on the weekends — garden work, building things, washing the cars, pulling dandelions from the lawn. It’s stuff that should get done, and I’m glad he’s doing it and not me, but I also feel like I’m pinned with the kids just like every other day. When is my time to “get big stuff done” that would be easier to do without kids crawling under my feet and howling in my ears?

    I think internet data should bring quite a bit of confidence to the real world car consumer. You’ll need to play the game a little if you know $13000 is a good price for a car and your salesman says $13900, but you’re never going to get fooled into thinking $15900 is a good deal.

  2. babette

    Sounds like my life, without the babies! Now that my husband is retired and home all the time…. he makes more work for me to clean up after!!!! On the plus side, he is quite the handy man, and usually goes to Menards every day, if I need anything, he’ll get it!
    When I had my babies, there was no internet. All I had was my journal. That was good, and girlfriends of course!

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