Happy New Year!

New Years’ was great. We spent it in Madison….a brief recap. If you would like a more detailed version…which I have…trust me..I had to take it off, it seemed so big. I can send it to you if you like though. Email me.

Christmas holiday: visited dad, visited andrew’s brothers, ran a small drug cartel, utilized the services of a tow truck when all the lug nuts sheared off the car, visited old friends and played with small children, saw my 10th grade year book, drove to MN, went to Ground Zero and got in free again thanks to Christain and his connections, went to the Mall of America (Tim first time, it was a weekend of first…including a first time in the back seat of a cop car), and saw Lord of the Ring’s again, went to a party that had real irish music, drove back to my Dad’s, spent the night, was harrassed by a drunk teen ager, got up the next day, drove home, picked up migo and was happy to be home.

Tim went to work the next day, and then on New Year’s Eve we drove to Madison and went to Sigrid and Matt’s. Sigrid and Matt had made some fantastic food and o’duerves and we ate, Chuck came over, we drank, had champagne, got ready and finally headed out to Eric’s Party. There we celebrated the New Year, and I saw Sarah and Dave, Ned, Andre’s, Al Razor (who looks very different), met a few other nice people. We left later to go to the inferno, and stopped by to drop of the car, have more goodies at Sigrid’s place, and then walk to the club. We got there and they had the bar sectioned off. The front was regular inferno fare, and the back had hiphop and rap!!! I saw lots of old faces that I havent’ seen awhile, ordered a beer and realized much to my suprise that Bergoff Dark is now too dark for me. I had to switch to Rolling Rock. Stupid Chicago and it’s expensive beer prices. We stayed until 4.00, and then walked home and crashed. Tired. So tired.

Got up at 11.30 the next day because Tim told his brother we would be home by 5.00….but decided that would be hard to do. So we called him and decided to just drive to Milwaukee and see him. He gave us Christmas presents! (he didn’t have too, we didn’t because of the every other year rule). He made us a painting out of a large piece of wood (neat!), we both got neck gaitors (made out of polar fleece), a year permit to Wisconsin State Parks, a book about snowshoeing, and his dad got us Christmas glasses and a sock saver. Which has now replaced the minature tea pot cushion pin as the weirdest/oddest present this year. We stayed for awhile, because I was motion sick, and then left when I was feeling slightly better..but we HAD to get food so I could get rid of the motion sickness all together. We drove the toll free way home and I crashed. I was so tired. I watched some TV, then fell asleep, got up and went to bed and feel asleep more. It was nice. Tim however, could not sleep which he attributed to not smoking yesterday. He even got up this morning and made breakfast, which was awesome because I was REALLY hungry.

And now here I am. Writing too much for even the brief version, and I still have to eat lunch and finish the longer version.

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