Memorial day weekend

It has been a long couple of days. I just finished making bacon and egg potato salad for the BBQ tomorrow Tim’s family in Milwaukee. We got home from my Dad’s around 5:30 and Morella was never happier to see her bed. She went and laid in it for a good half an hour before coming out to make crabby demands. Meanwhile I was on Tim’s cssemfor making dinner since he shot down my Bratfest dinner idea. After about a week of thinking up dinners out of thin air I was just done. We got into a little argument that lead me to nurse Athena in the bedroom. When I came out he told me to go….so I did. I went and grocery shopped for the lists for two weeks worthnsonthst we wouldn’t have that stupid fight again.

I got back to the house fully expecting to hear the wails of an unhappy infant…but imagine my surprise when it was quiet. Tim came and helped me unload some groceries and then even offered to go to the atore to get the potatoes that I forgot to get. He said that they went down fighting…but eventually went down. Wow. Not only that but he seemed in okay sprit is. This is officially the first night that he has put down both girls by himself.

The time that he has spent at home is really paying off in terms of bonding with Athena.

I would say more about how the last few days went but I am very tired and typing on the ipad. No one went to sleep earlier than ten and without multiple, hysterical night wakings in a very hot and stuffy attic. We are going back in two weeks for a longer visit and I am not looking forward tonit. Why does character building have to be so hard?

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